Apollo (APL): cryptocurrency review


Apollo Currency (APL)

Apollo Currency (APL) claims to be a revolutionary project that will have a huge impact on the future of decentralized cryptocurrencies and, in particular, privacy. The creators designated their all-in-one cryptocurrency coin, combining many features of existing altcons into one ecosystem.

A bit of history

Apollo (APL) was created on 01/14/2017 through distribution (Airdrop) for NXT holders. So it’s a clone or NXT plug.
Apollo never made an ICO, unlike most other cryptocurrency companies (like EOS). There was already a finished product, ready for use during their coin distribution event.


The main feature of the Apollo platform is the Olympus protocol, which combines the functions of the platform and has the functions of masking IP addresses, which can help the user to hide his IP address and get more reliable protection and ensure greater privacy on the Internet.

The Olympus protocol combines many features of existing coins in one powerful ecosystem:

Other features include a decentralized exchange, which you can use to trade your tokens whenever you want to do this, and a next-generation blockchain that will use NXT technology. This new blockchain, called Hermes, will accelerate the speed of transactions, which will mean that after 2 or 3 seconds your transactions will be fully completed.

The company’s decentralized market will allow users to use their Apollo tokens to buy and sell goods, which will give a real reason for the cost of tokens and create specific situations in which users can use their tokens to participate in a free exchange.

The alias system will be used to create unique aliases that will act as a means of presentation for specific contexts. This means that you can choose an alias for the transaction instead of your wallet, so that your identity is more secure.

The company will have a complete cloud storage system that will allow users to upload files to the blockchain and receive irrefutable timestamps for it. This can be used for many purposes, which may include voting, creating permits, evidence, court documents, and transparency. This will create a complete system of records and certificates that you can use.

Other features that can protect you are encrypted messages and multi-segment transactions that protect your identity and ensure that you always make transactions. If you don’t think you’re protected enough, you can even use a coin shuffle to confuse people who want to keep track of your expenses.

The company also has other functions, such as voting and asset systems, and is fully compatible with third-party applications.


Apollo is in a very good position to become a major player among cryptocurrencies. And that’s why:

  • Mainnet is working, the product is already working
  • Flexibility: allows you to use many possible use cases
  • Multi-platform wallets available
  • Ultra-fast transaction speed supports retail adoption
  • Together, its many features provide a whole new level of privacy.
  • An ambitious plan and a visionary approach
  • A huge community, only on a telegram telegram has more than 90,000 members at the time of writing
  • Experienced Apollo Foundation Team

Especially when listings on larger exchanges are announced or milestones such as the Hermes 1.0 update are reached.

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