Anonymous Ads (A-Ads) advertising network for advertising and earning


Network Overview Anonymous Ads

A-ADS (Anonymous Ads) is an advertising banner network with Bitcoin payment that does not collect personal data about users and visitors.

We offer an alternative model of online advertising, which can be effective for advertisers without tracking users. Therefore, our advertisement does not contain Javascript, does not leave cookies and can be safely implemented anywhere.

What are the benefits of A-ADS

  • For advertisers
    We don’t have pay per clicks or impressions, poor traffic doesn’t affect your expenses. You can track and promote sites that provide useful traffic. Creating an advertising campaign does not require registration.
  • Publishers
    Our ads are safe and lightweight. No scripts or cookies, pure HTML and CSS! We do not follow your users. Automatic withdrawal of funds in bitcoins. Any sites are suitable!

How A-ads works

You can order the placement of promotional materials without registering on the site, payments are accepted in Bitcoins. The administration of the service guarantees its customers privacy. The system has registered more than 4 million unique IP addresses, the content is displayed on 22 thousand sites. It is possible to select an audience using the targeting settings: operating system, geographical location, type of user device. CPM charges for 1,000 impressions. The average cost of clicking on a landing page link is 25 US cents.

How to start a partnership with A-ads

Follow the link from the main page to the tab for creating an advertising company. Choose the type of source: regular site, affiliate, mobile application or browser extension. Determine the size of the ad slot, formats are available from 120×60 to 990×90 pixels. Post a link to the landing page. If necessary, specify filters for content on the site: erotica, gambling, exchanges, etc. The new company will be added to the general catalog within 24 hours.

To create an advertisement, indicate the name of the new project, text, upload a banner in JPG, GIF, PNG format. Choose the language of user communication, your budget for the day. Click Run. On the new page, the key of the electronic wallet for Bitcoins will be indicated. To copy the number, use a smartphone or tablet, read the QR code, confirm the transaction. The minimum transfer amount is indicated next to the type of currency. You can top up your balance with Bitcoin, Dash, LiteCoin, Zcash, Ethereum. To get access to statistics, you must specify a name, email address, password.

Affiliate program

The remuneration is paid only for attracting advertisers, the webmaster receives 10% of each payment of the customer. Money is transferred within 90 days, after which the client will no longer bring you income. You can also make a profit from the board of the target audience, payment is made for the target action specified by the advertiser. Experienced webmasters can create their affiliate programs using the English-language tool offered on the site.

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