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Key Features of AngryMiner

Cryptocurrency is the main trend of the future and this fact is difficult to dispute. Many well-thought-out investors have long been using it for profit, but the problem is that most methods of making money on cryptocurrencies involve financial investments. You can get cryptocurrencies for free, but usually in this case you should not count on a substantial income. Cooperation with the AngryMiner service is an exception to the general rules and one of the ways to make money on cryptocurrencies, combining the absence of financial investments and a decent income.

AngryMiner allows you to mine the most promising cryptocurrencies, using the power of a conventional PC. The cryptocurrency earning system was created by a team of experienced developers, which also included experts in cryptocurrency technologies and experienced miners.

The main goal of the project is to make cryptocurrency mining possible even for those who are not versed in technology, do not have professional equipment and are not ready to invest money. Using it, you can mine 12 cryptocurrencies that have good profitability, while the user does not need to figure out which currency is profitable to mine in a specific period of time. AngryMiner automated almost all processes and the user only needs to install the provided software.

At AngryMiner, a smart mining system is introduced, it independently monitors profitability in real time and automatically switches between cryptocurrencies. In addition, a dual mining system is built into the software, which allows you to mine several digital assets at once. Dual mining is activated and deactivated automatically, depending on which cryptocurrency it is profitable to mine at the current moment.

It should be noted that mining bitcoins using AngryMiner software is not possible, since it requires high power equipment. But with the help of the service you can mine 12 other equally promising cryptocurrencies: Etherium, Etherium Classic, Expanse, Monero, Musicoin, SOILcoin, Signatum, Zcash, Bytecoin, Decred, Ubiq, ZenCash.

Since the service allows you to immediately get more than a dozen cryptocurrencies, in order not to get confused with wallets and not burn out at a sharp depreciation, all mined coins are automatically converted into dollars at their current value and are already transferred to the miner’s account in this form.

AngryMiner users also do not need to monitor the mining process. The software itself connects to computational processes, monitors the temperature of iron and automatically stops production as soon as the temperature of the equipment exceeds the norm.

How it works

The software of the service combines all the capacities of the computers connected to it for the extraction of a certain cryptocurrency. And users monitor and control processes through a personal account on the service website.

At the same time through one personal account you can connect an unlimited number of PCs. Launching the program in a few simple steps:

  1. You need to register on the service website by specifying the email address and inventing a password for the account.
  2. Download software for a suitable version of the operating system in the “Download” section.
  3. Confirm the installation, after which cryptocurrency mining will start automatically after a few minutes.
  4. Next, you need to return to your personal account on the service and go to the “Panel” section. There, all mining equipment that was connected from the account will be displayed. In the same section, you can find information on computer technology and its power for each connected PC, as well as all the elements for setting production.

Please note that some antiviruses may determine the program as malicious due to the nature of the operation, but it does not contain infected files.

To the connected equipment, the service puts forward several minimum requirements. For mining, even not too powerful PCs are suitable. Mining cryptocurrencies using GPU computing power requires at least 1 GB of video memory for Nvidia or 1.5 GB for Radeon. But the processor can be used by anyone.

A 64-bit version of Windows must be installed on the connected PC, starting with Windows 7. It is also possible to use server versions of Windows Server 2008 R2.

Service Features

The service allows you to organize the best mining using your own or other people’s computers. In fact, using the service, you can create your own mining farm, which can be controlled remotely and regulate the production process, but for this, the user only needs to install the software on his own or another computer.

Mining program

The service ensures that the software is virus free. Unlike many other similar programs that can get to the PC as a result of an intentional infection and mine secretly, all the work of Angry Miner is reflected in the personal account on the site.

It should be noted that after installation Angry Miner does not create the usual shortcut on the desktop and you can access the program and adjust the process only through the panel on the service website. This feature allows you to install software seamlessly, for example, on work computers in offices and use them to your advantage.

In addition, the “stealth mode” function has been introduced into it, which makes mining on a PC completely invisible to the owner. With an activated stealth, mining is carried out only when the PC is in idle mode, so the miner’s work will not affect functionality. In this mode, cloud mining will start after 5 minutes of inactivity of the computer, that is, if there are no keystrokes or mouse driving, and will automatically turn off after starting work on the PC.

For each connected device, through the personal account on the service, production can be configured or its processes monitored. For example, a user can enable simultaneous mining on a PC using a video card and processor, switch to stealth mode, start or stop mining on each device, and also view mining statistics and temperatures on connected devices.


The service differs from its competitors in high profitability. On average, you can use it to earn about $ 50 per month, or about $ 2 per day. At the moment, not a single similar service can boast of such indicators.

Earnings are credited to the account immediately in dollars in accordance with the market rate, which makes working with the service even more convenient.

In order for everyone to easily calculate approximate earnings, a mining calculator is integrated on the site, taking into account connected capacities and current cryptocurrency rates. Calculations are displayed in your account.

Withdraw funds

The service has a minimum withdrawal limit. You can withdraw the money you earn starting at $ 5 through popular payment systems. You can get earned immediately in rubles to a QIWI wallet, withdraw to a Steam account, receive in Ethereum cryptocurrency or transfer directly to a mobile account. The user chooses the method on his own and creates a request for withdrawal, which will be processed on the first Friday after sending the request.

Affiliate program

The service offers its users a two-level affiliate program. In the “Partnership” section you can get a referral link to invite new members. If you advise the service to a friend, you will additionally receive 0.7% of the money that he managed to get, and another 0.3% from the earnings of users invited by a referral friend.

When registering, a referral receives a bonus of $ 1 to his account as a welcome bonus.

Service benefits

  • Angry Miner makes it easy to start mining cryptocurrencies without any investment.
  • Work with the software is intuitive and simple, and even a school student can cope with its installation.
  • The software can be configured according to individual production parameters.
  • Angry Miner independently monitors the profitability of mining and the temperature of iron, which allows you to earn in passive mode.
  • You can simultaneously mine several cryptocurrencies in dual mining mode at once.
  • The stealth mode is introduced in the software, which allows you to install the miner on third-party PCs and use them to your advantage.
  • All mined cryptocurrencies are automatically converted to dollars, which eliminates the possibility of burnout on a depreciation of the cryptocurrency and receive a fixed income.
  • Through one account, many different devices can be connected.
  • The average profitability of work is $ 50 per month from one PC.
  • It is possible to withdraw the extracted starting from as little as $ 5 in several ways.
  • The service has an affiliate program that allows you to increase revenue.


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