Anecdote of the day: Qiwi employee “mined 500,000 BTC in three months” at the company's terminals


1-200-600x337 Anecdote of the day: Qiwi employee “mined 500,000 BTC in three months” at the company's terminals

Around cryptocurrencies many different legends, speculations, rumors fly. Today, the internet has flown another similar news.

QIWI CEO Sergey Solonin today told a story at a lecture at the Moscow School of Communications MACS. The full version of the lecture is presented on, and later the resource turned to the Qiwi press service for clarification.

The essence of the story is that the Qiwi CTO using Qiwi terminals was able to mine 500,000 BTC in 2011 for 3 months. The security service saw through this, as the equipment was used at night when there were no customers in the stores. The Qiwi management asked to return the technical director to the mined Bitcoins, which at that time cost $ 5,000,000. In response, the technical director quit. After that, the Qiwi management wanted to use the mining equipment on their own, but while it was set up for 3 months, Bitcoin mining on such equipment became unprofitable.

There are many non-dockings in this story. The company Qiwi explained that the technical director was a simple developer and he could not use the extracted 500,000 BTC, they were irretrievably lost.

A simple mathematical calculation suggests that even on all Qiwi equipment it was not possible to mine 500,000 BTC in 3 months, moreover, not one employer would not let go of his employee with $ 5,000,000 stolen. And why are the Qiwi press service so sure that the employee was not able to use the mined Bitcoins. What happened to him?

In general, this is the topic of the day and the crypto community is actively discussing it.

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