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Allcoin reviews and review of the official website of the exchange

Allcoin is one of the 50 largest cryptocurrency trading platforms. She constantly adds new coins to the listing and is therefore attractive for those who want to trade altcoins with low capitalization. There are also top cryptocurrencies on the site.

The exchange was registered in 2013 in Vancouver. But the launch of the site took place 3 years later. She is part of the Cascadia Consumer Electronics Corp group and operates under Canadian laws. The company is registered as a financial firm and is regulated by the Canadian Center for Financial Analysis and Reporting (FINTRAC). Its shares are listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

There is practically no public information about the trading platform team in the public domain. It is only known that Robin Guo and Chi Jao are among the leaders, and specialists were recruited mainly from graduates of Chinese universities. This was reflected in many aspects of the company.

The site operates worldwide with the exception of the USA, African countries and some states in South America. Initially, traders had access to fiat trading (USD and CNY), and it was only possible to open an account in RMB or dollars. But in 2017, the exchange stopped working with fiat.

The domain was created in 2004. The resource originally had 4 language versions: Chinese, Spanish, Russian and English. In the second half of 2017, the official Allcoin website experienced massive changes. The site itself was finalized, fiat from bidding and two languages ​​were removed. Now the main version is Chinese, but the information is also duplicated in English.

The main page publishes data on the top 5 pairs in which the largest changes have occurred over the past 24 hours. A little lower online data is updated for all available markets. Despite the huge amount of information and the great dynamics of the resource, the software copes with the load perfectly, and the site works without failures.

Exchange partners are:

  • BCEX;
  • Asia Blockchain Foundation;
  • OTC

Transitions to them are at the bottom of the screen. The company additionally associates the CK USD token with BCEX and OTC789 platforms, but more on that below.

Registration and login to Allcoin

To create an account, you must specify an email and password.

Immediately after this, the system will require you to enter a PIN to confirm transactions. The third step is preparation for verification. At this point, enter:

  • Name, surname;
  • Tongue;
  • Type of document for verification (ID-card / passport);
  • Document Number;
  • Date of birth;
  • Nationality;
  • Address of residence;
  • Index;
  • Phone number;
  • Captcha and phone verification code sent in SMS.


After creating an account, the user receives the status of Primary Authentication. But its presence does not allow you to enter cryptocurrency into the account. To open access to the functionality of the site, you must obtain the status of Advanced Authentication. To do this, confirm:

  • Email (an email with a link will come to your email);
  • Identity (provide scans of ID-card / passport);
  • Address of residence (scans of documents confirming registration).

 Input and output

The site listing contains more than 80 coins. There are little-known tokens next to bitcoin, ether and lightcoin, some of which have a dubious reputation.

To deposit funds you need to go to the Asset section in your profile. There you select the asset and the option of input / output or bidding.


Only crypto / crypto format trades are available on the exchange. According to Coinmarketcap, the daily trading volume exceeds $ 30 million. The most popular pairs are:

  • ETH / CKUSD – $ 14 million;
  • ETH / BTC – $ 12 million;
  • BTC / CKUSD – $ 4 million;
  • QTUM / CKUSD – $ 1 million
    The commission of the maker is 0%, and the taker is 0.2%.

    To go to the trading terminal, select the desired pair on the main page. In the menu that appears at the top, the last price, the highest / lowest price, daily volumes in a pair and rate changes in 24 hours are displayed.

The terminal has all the necessary tools. The graph of the course growth dynamics can be filtered for the required period, up to changes in the last minute. It supports various indicators, including MA, EMA, BOLL, SARR, and close.

At the bottom of the page is a transaction history and a glass of applications.

Types of Orders

The platform offers the following types of orders:

  • By limit.
  • On the market.

Leverage trading is not available.

Tech support

You can contact support service operators through the Help section. By clicking on the Submit a Request button, you will be redirected to the ticket registration window. The My Requests tab is responsible for already created requests. In it you can view their status.

The most important information can be found in the FAQ. Do not count on him much, since in the English version there are only 12 points in it.


Account security can be enhanced with two-factor authentication. Additionally, confirmation of entry via SMS is configured when a login from another IP is detected. Additionally, email notifications are sent.


AllCoin is a convenient exchange for working with little-known altcoins. Cryptocurrencies such as Bodhi, INK, ATN are rarely found on trading floors. However, they are interesting to investors in the same way as others. And if you want to invest in unpopular altcoins, AllCoin is one of the best options.

AllCoin support deserves good reviews. Its operators work online 24/7 and will always help traders to solve current issues. Other specialists at AllCoin exchange also work for good reason, ensuring the stable operation of the trading platform.

AllCoin has been operating on the market for less than two years, but during this time the exchange managed to gain fame in the cryptocurrency community. If the AllCoin team continues to continue to maintain the intended course, then after 2-4 years the platform will be able to enter the TOP-10 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world in terms of trading volume and the number of registered users.

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