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Earnings in HYIPs. The moral side of the topic

Having started the question about the other side of HYIPs – aiding, it is worth raising another topic – the moral component of HYIPs.

I think some people have already asked the question “How can I participate in this, because your earnings are someone else’s money. It’s immoral, ”and so on. And who didn’t ask – oh you are heartless people, you can’t help anymore 🙂 Just kidding. In fact, the moral question doesn’t bother me much, otherwise there is nothing to do in any investment. And how can moralists live in peace in a world where there is so much injustice, cruelty and deceit? 🙂

But let’s still understand this difficult issue. First, we highlight the main points from which the question of morality arises:

1. Dirty money. Some participants lose, others earn at their expense.
2. A lot of lies. Around the abundance of lies both from the side of the projects and from the side of the participants.
3. There is no benefit to society. The usual redistribution of funds, nothing is done.

Dirty money

A culture of consumption takes time and money. Unnecessary goods are skillfully disguised as something important, not allowing to make out a catch. And hype play on greed – minuses are felt tough here, as it happens at one moment and does not give pain medication in the form of unnecessary goods. Work was in full swing, hop, scam. In this regard, the hype seems even more honest – there are no illusions, think about it.

HYIPs – a game where all players (investors) in the same conditions. Another thing is that everyone has different experience. But he will come – they did not make money in the project, but they got experience 🙂

I do not consider it bad that the money I earned is someone else’s minus. For a minute, in general, any money received before that belonged to someone else – for example, you sold shares / currency / crypto on the stock exchange, just because someone bought them. Nobody pulled people by force, I did not cheat anyone. And if a person claims that he was “dragged, hypnotized, robbed of money” somewhere, you should think about his legal capacity, because no one but himself decides on investing. Nobody can take away the admin from anyone. Even if you really want to. Until they themselves give it to him.

 A lot of lies

As you know, most medium- and low-income HYIPs are based on legends about real activities and on people’s trust. In other words, from the threshold we are greeted with lies and promises. There are two sources of lies: the lies of the founders of the project and the lies of activists.

Admins lie, passing off a legend as truth, making documents and disguising themselves as real activities. They also lie in order to increase the working time of their project. There are projects where there is no legend, but in most cases they can’t get away from lies.

Activists. These people always have a choice – to become a sucker, deceiving and relying on a legend, or to be a referral – not to lie and speak as they are, to remind about risks.

Why do the suckers lie? I see three reasons:

1. Benefit. Of course, people are more willing to go to someone who talks about a real Italian investment company than to someone who invites to a pyramid. But it will not be so long, deceived once or twice, and there will be no more people wanting to be deceived for the third time.
2. Stupidity. In this case, a person lies unconsciously – he sincerely believes in a legend and tries to hang this faith on others. Excusable to beginners. But if I see an experienced leader talking about “LEGAL companies”, and he himself was in this boiler for the third year and went through dozens of scams, there is only one conclusion: he is either stupid or lying. Both options do not color it, agree. And when you stumble upon the next leader talking about “lagality”, remember the above options 🙂
3. Caring for the project. A person appreciates the project above his partners and is ready to do everything to ensure that the hype stays afloat for as long as possible, even while deceiving the team.

To participate honestly, you can choose two methods:

1. To invest without doing a referral program at all. There are no questions, you are an ordinary player.
2. Work on an affiliate program, talking about the risks and be honest with partners. At a distance, this will do more good than the lucid profit from lying.
But to be honest does not mean to run and yell that “soon scam”, to deny – all this will not increase the project’s time. You are participating here, so why cut the branch on which you sit?

There is another moral point associated with overt warnings. Suppose there is a hype that has existed for a long time and it has started calling. Is it worth warning future investors and saving them from loss? But then those who are already participating in the project will lose. There is no right answer – no matter what you choose, there will always be a side that remains in the red.

There is no benefit to society

HYIPs, like other areas where funds are redistributed, are often accused of a lack of benefit to society. Indeed, it is true that new medicines are not being discovered here, jobs are not being created, and they are almost not involved in charity.

But let me know: is any of your actions beneficial in itself? And should every action be beneficial? They say that earnings should benefit others, and why? After all, you can get money for something useless, and be useful in another matter. Why should earnings be beneficial? I don’t understand this. If someone feels a lack of benefit to society, volunteer, help the animals in the shelter, and even plant a tree.

And even such a useless, at first glance, a sphere like HYIPs can benefit society. Imagine that a person worked for 25 thousand rubles a month, doing routine work day after day. At some point, he stumbles upon hypes, “blows his head,” he, without reading about the risks, takes a loan and throws everything into one project. Expected discharge.


Let’s go over briefly on the main issues:

1. Earnings minus others. I don’t see anything bad if I accept the rules of the game and realize what is happening. Money is not a valuable asset, but a tool.
2. A lot of lies. This is certainly disgusting, I myself can’t stand liars, but in this industry there’s no escape from lies. It remains to let her pass by her own ears, and not deceive others.
3. Lack of visible benefit. I do not think that making money should certainly benefit others. If you want to help, do something useful. No need to try and help, and cut down on this money.

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