Alien Cloud – a cloud mining service


Alien Cloud – a cloud mining service

Now everyone is hearing one of the areas of mining – cloud mining. It involves the rental of computing power and their use for cryptocurrency mining. Of course, the profit is less than if you use your farm, but here the costs are lower, and there is no need to look for a place to place equipment and maintain it. Today we will consider one of the projects that offers services for renting equipment remotely. It is called Alien Cloud.

Alien Cloud is not just cloud mining, but a full-fledged cryptocurrency platform, which includes an exchanger and an online wallet for storing assets. The exchanger uses P2P technology and offers small transaction fees. Convenient trading charts are also a plus.

It is also planned to open a mining pool soon. Users with high-performance equipment can now leave applications for access to it. The project regularly adds contracts for the extraction of new coins and is developing in every way. This service is one of the most popular of its kind.

The site is available in three languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Chinese

In addition, there is a referral system on the platform that allows you to earn on attracting users. The affiliate program, by the way, is three-level and with its help it is possible to consistently receive interest if you have an audience that will register using your link.

The creators are also working on a project that will allow you to trade cryptocurrency indices. This development is called Teocoin and it should be noted that the ICO was successfully completed.

User support is also well implemented. There is an opportunity to contact tech support directly, or use the chat in the Telegram messenger. All links are available at the bottom of the official site.

Interestingly, the project partner is the Seventh Channel of Krasnoyarsk. They provide Alien Cloud information support.

How to get started with AlienCloud

Creating an account on the project is as simple as possible. The user only needs to fill out the registration form. It is necessary to indicate in it, e-mail address, login, password and code of the affiliate program. This code provides a 2 percent discount on your first purchase of computing power. If you don’t have one, just leave the field blank.

AlienWallet Wallet

In addition to the cloud mining service, the AlienCloud project has developed a convenient, fast, secure, free and light offline Ethereum wallet for Windows and MacOS. As you know, the main drawback of all offline wallets is their large size. On a computer, they occupy approximately 200 GB. And AlienWallet weighs only 140 MB.

Getting started with AlienWallet is very simple, for this you need:

  • Download AlienWallet wallet from this site
  • Create a new account using the Keystore / JSON file;
  • Log in to your account using a JSON file.

The wallet will work immediately after installation. He does not need a long blockchain download, unlike the official Ethereum Wallet, which constantly downloads new blocks, because of this, it often freezes and does not work. AlienWallet wallet is completely free and secure. You can download data from an official wallet or from MyEtherWallet to it.

AlienWallet does not store the wallet owner’s private key. The user can check his balance at any time and send Ethereum.

The wallet is suitable for those who want to be absolutely confident in the security of their cryptocurrencies. The program works on Windows and MacOS platforms, versions for iOS and Android will appear soon. At the moment, only Ethereum can be stored in it, but developers plan to connect other popular cryptocurrencies in the near future.

Profitability and Payback

The main guarantee that your investment will pay off can be considered an unlimited contract. If you invest in coin mining, the extraction of which will not become so difficult in the near future that the capacity will be less than commissions, then you will get a plus sooner or later.

Unfortunately, the site does not have a calculator for calculating the approximate profit, so making even approximate forecasts is more difficult than on other similar services. On the other hand, a similar calculation can be done manually.

Service benefits

  • Perpetual contracts. The use of computing power, which is sold on the site, is in no way limited in time, except when mining becomes unprofitable. However, even in such circumstances, the administration simply transfers the contracts to a more profitable direction.
  • The presence of annual contracts at an attractive price.
  • A platform for the full work with cryptocurrencies. The service not only offers full mining in the clouds, but also provides an ecosystem for interacting with cryptocurrencies. Beginners will not have to use several different services, because everything is collected in one project.
  • Fame in the market. The platform is relatively popular and has earned the trust of users. This is not a no-name project.
  • It is possible to buy capacities for fiat (rubles, dollars).
  • It is possible to withdraw profits to the cards of Russian banks, and not just to a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Not so long ago, a profitability calculator was added in your account.


In conclusion, it should be said that Alien Cloud is a good choice for those who want to join the cryptocurrency mining industry, but do not want to install noisy high-performance farms on their territory or have a limited budget. Moreover, this platform is well suited for beginners, because it offers many services within one service. Here you can also store coins in a multi-currency wallet and exchange them on a P2P exchange, and in the near future also connect your computing power to the pool.

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