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Key Features of Agio Crypto

All cloud mining services are similar to each other according to the principle of work, but offer different conditions of cooperation for their customers. One of the market leaders in providing remote mining equipment has become Agio Crypto.

Agio Crypto, a cloud mining company, is also known as a reseller of large companies like Bitmain and Saint. The company began its work in 2017 and managed to push out the most popular services from the leading positions.

The popularity of the service is based on innovative technologies. In addition to standard computing facilities, Agio Crypto offers:

  • Acquire perpetual contracts and receive daily profit on them;
  • Receive a guaranteed refund after 7 days of test use, in case of non-compliance with requirements;
  • Round-the-clock customer support;
  • The opportunity to resell the contract;
  • Risk diversification through the placement of data centers around the world;
  • Two innovative technologies to increase and control revenues.

Among the company’s merits is the development of the AGIO Mining Profitability Booster technology, which allows you to earn 200% more than with conventional mining, without additional investments. It is also possible to keep records of profitability on the built-in calculator of the AGIO Mining Calculator service, which calculates profitability taking into account the growing complexity of the network and the exchange rate for the next 12 months.

Agio Crypto is a cloud mining service, the activity of which is regulated by international financial standards and is confirmed by a license for the provision of financial services.

With Agio Crypto, cloud mining is carried out in three cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum.

The company’s website has an intuitive interface and supports Russian and English. The service also maintains transparent statistics for its audience, provides characteristics and evidence of the operation of computing equipment.

The service has an innovative affiliate program, designed primarily for webmasters, bloggers and recruiters. So, according to the conditions for each attracted referral, the user receives 10% of the amount of his purchase. For recruiting, all the necessary promotional materials are provided, including reports on service statistics and technical support.

In addition, users also receive rewards for posting advertising materials on personal accounts on social networks:

  • 5% as a gift of available capacity for a review or review of a service;
  • 7% per video review;
  • 1% per repost;
  • 10% for a post or video with screenshots of profitability and a description of the service.

To participate, the post must be posted for at least 7 days, and the number of subscribers must exceed 150 people.

How to get started with Agio Crypto

In order to become a client of the company should:

  1. Register on the official website;
  2. Log in
  3. Using the calculator, select the terms of the contract and the amount of leased capacity;
  4. Choose a payment method and purchase a contract.

MRB on Agio Crypto

After the contract is completed, it becomes possible to increase revenue using the unique Mining Profitability Booster (MRB) technology. MRB is an indicator of the profitability of the sale of mined coins. The service automatically collects data on energy costs and the number of miners in the network, based on which it determines the real value of the cryptocurrency. Further, it compares it with the market one, and if the difference is significant, the MRB will give a signal that the market is oversaturated and the mined coins should be sold until their value decreases.

Tariffs and contract prices

Agio Crypto service allows you to conclude an individual contract on an unlimited basis. The user independently indicates the amount of purchased equipment, cryptocurrency for mining and selects the best method for paying for the contract.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Deposits and withdrawals are made through payment systems:

  • Viza and Master Card;
  • Bitcoin transactions
  • QIWI;
  • Yandex;
  • Alfa Click.

The withdrawal in cryptocurrency is carried out instantly, for other systems the maximum duration of the operation is 24 hours. All payments are made in manual mode. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 15.

Profitability and Payback

Agio Crypto developers position their project as a cloud mining service with 200% return, which does not depend on the initial amount of investments. To calculate the income, you should use the internal calculator of the system, which calculates the yield taking into account the current complexity of production and growth of complexity based on statistics. Thanks to MRB technology, the payback period of the contract is reduced by 4-6 times compared with similar services.


Agio Crypto cloud mining service differs significantly from most similar companies, has positive customer reviews and a leading market position. Firstly, the company’s activities are legalized, which means it is stable and reliable. Secondly, the service allows you to accurately calculate profitability, taking into account the complexity of the network and track the rate of coins mined. In conclusion, it is worth noting that the conditions of the affiliate program allow you to earn 10% of referrals purchases, as well as earn by expressing your opinion about the service to attract them.

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