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The best ways to earn cryptocurrency on affiliate programs

Earnings on affiliate programs is a popular and high-margin way to get cryptocurrency without investments and fraud. In fact, you need to attract people to various projects that will pay for the conversion of targeted traffic. The essence of the work will be discussed below and the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs that allow you to get both short-term profit and constant payments will be listed.

Affiliate programs are sites or platforms on which advertisers and webmasters (arbitrageurs, bloggers, and other “online advertising engines”) find each other. On such resources, various options for advertising campaigns (offers) with CPA networks are presented, which you can choose at your discretion, taking into account the working conditions and the remuneration payment model.

Cryptocurrency affiliate programs are practically no different from all other similar programs, but operate in the field of crypto business, which provides additional benefits for earning. Most often they are offered by the following services:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • New ICOs;
  • Cloud mining;
  • Crypto cranes;
  • Exchange points;
  • Investment projects;
  • Digital information products.

The most profitable of them are considered affiliates of cryptocurrency exchanges, investment and ICO projects.

The most popular cryptocurrencies in which a fee is paid:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum;
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple;
  • Other altcoins.

How to choose a cryptocurrency affiliate program

Considering cryptocurrency affiliate programs as a variant of the main income, you should carefully approach their choice. Selecting an affiliate program yourself, you need to check the following points:

  • Access to registration and offers. In some programs, registration is possible only by invitation, and work in an affiliate program – if you have experience, which is confirmed by screenshots.
  • Reviews of real users. Today, there are many fraudulent sites that do not make payments, send to the ban for no reason, or simply close very quickly.
  • Tools, promotional materials, functionality. To organize a quality advertising campaign, you need to know the statistics, have at your disposal various promotional materials (banners, pictures, texts, landing pages, transit pages, etc.).
  • Geo-factor. There are offers that only need traffic from a specific country / region. Russian users may not be taken into account, even if they fulfill all the conditions.
  • EPC (average pay per click) and CR (conversion rate). Using these parameters, you can determine the potential profit from affiliate work.
  • Sources of traffic. All types of traffic are infrequently permitted. Most often, advertisers are not suitable for contextual advertising, motivated by either Cashback traffic. You need to know in advance what traffic you can use in order not to run into problems in fact.
  • Limits There are offers with established limits on the number of registrations per day or month. Visitors exceeding this limit will not be counted, and traffic will be wasted.

We offer only cryptocurrency affiliate programs verified on all these points, which work stably and are guaranteed to pay remuneration. But there are points that need to be clarified before starting work, since each offer may have its own characteristics from the above.
You also need to consider the reward model that is used in the affiliate program. It should be optimally suited to the planned traffic source. The most commonly used options are:

  • Payment for each registered user;
  • % of earnings or the amount of the deposit made;
  • A fixed amount of payments from all potential customers who left their contact details.

An important indicator of the profitability of working with an affiliate program is the amount of remuneration. It should not be too low or too high. The amount of payment should correspond to the cost of the work. For example, if in one offer they pay 50 cents from one lead, and in the other – 20% of his earnings, then in the first case the income will be limited to half a dollar for each attracted user. In the second option, referrals earning 1 bitcoin will monthly generate passive profit of 0.2 BTC. Therefore, you need to choose a payment model based on the activity of the traffic and the cost of attracting it.

 Types of affiliate programs for cryptocurrency

If we talk about affiliate programs of various cryptocurrency earning services, then 99% have them and are available for connection directly on the site after registration. There are no special differences between them – you need to attract referrals and get your share of the profit for this. Particular attention should be paid to the partnership programs of cryptocurrency exchanges, ICO projects and investment funds.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Offers

Affiliates of cryptocurrency exchanges can become a source of a fairly high passive income. But this requires experienced traders to become referrals, who can make profitable deals and receive stable commissions, a percentage of which will be deducted to the referrer. The success of the operation of crypto exchanges largely depends on the number of customers, therefore they are interested in expanding the user base and agree to share their income for this.

Traders who conduct a large number of operations with cryptocurrency receive high commissions for them. The conditions of affiliate programs in terms of payments are almost the same on all exchanges and make up a certain part of the commission on transactions. It should be borne in mind that the income of a partner can vary significantly (within 10-50%), and the conditions are sometimes limited by the time frame.

There are more than 500 cryptocurrency exchanges, but not every one of them works stably and is reliable. Particular attention should be paid to proposals with too high deductions. Many of these projects pay nothing at all. Therefore, to guarantee your remuneration, you need to work only with affiliates of the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bounty programs for the new ICO

ICO is an investment-raising project for launching the release of a new cryptocurrency. Already at this stage, developers are trying to advertise the future digital unit in order to increase its value. The advertising campaigns of such a project are called Bounty programs and provide the opportunity to earn tokens without investing in it.

In addition to the traditional partnership programs of action for all, the help of specialists is also in demand in the Bounty. Most often, you need to look for flaws and errors in the program, develop some kind of software products, create websites, translate texts and provide other services.

The amount of remuneration is determined by the complexity of the work. If we talk about affiliate programs, the most valued is the activity on the forum with a high-ranking account, and least of all – e-mail newsletter and advertising on social networks. Although all these actions are necessary and in demand, as they help to popularize the new ICO project and, in essence, ensure its viability.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing a Bounty company, you should carefully analyze the project and understand how promising it is in terms of raising money. To do this, consider the following factors:

  • Reputation of the founders of ICO. If they already have successful experience in launching blockchain projects, as evidenced by positive feedback on the forums, then a startup can very well be implemented.
  • The amount of investment since the start of the ICO. If in the first 15 days about 100 thousand were not collected, then such an undertaking has no future.
  • The number of partners of the bounty campaign. The remuneration for the promotion of the ICO is paid after the end of the campaign, and its size is fixed and is divided into all partners of the affiliate.
  • Therefore, the more of them, the smaller the share of each.
  • Feedback quality. If the manager does not provide the necessary communication, then it is better not to mess with such a project.
  • The rationality of the tasks set. The volume and complexity of the tasks should be adequate and proportionate to the pay.

If the remuneration is offered too high, such a project should also beware. The best crypto-ICOs offer no more than 1-7% of all investments for all Bounty participants. It is such an indicator that needs to be guided.

Among the ICOs, not all projects are successful and collect the right amount of money. But even with the successful placement of tokens, invested investments can return for a rather long time.
In addition, after the completion of such an ICO, the activity of participants is still checked and, in accordance with this, remuneration is distributed, which takes about 2-3 weeks. Received tokens can be exchanged or used for other types of earnings.

Investment projects

Every month, new promising investment projects appear on the Internet with completely different earnings conditions for affiliate programs, many of which are paid in cryptocurrencies. The principle of action is simple: the investor signs up for your referral link, creates an investment (opens a deposit), and you get the appropriate percentage. The amount of remuneration is 3 types:

  1. From the referral deposit, on average it is 3-8% of the deposit;
  2. From referral income on deposit, usually the size varies from 3% to 10%;
  3. From a simple registration of a referral without a deposit, it is extremely rare and usually the amount is calculated in the form of bonuses, using which you can earn in the current project.

It is important to remember that not all investment funds work honestly with webmasters and many of them are able to close fairly quickly. According to statistics, approximately 7-8 out of 10 sites finish work in the shortest possible time for completely different reasons.
You should also familiarize yourself with the rules of the resource: most sites allow you to work with referrals without your own investments, but there are exceptions where without an active deposit you can’t earn either cryptocurrency or fiat on an affiliate program. In this case, you can contact the administration and maybe they will make an exception for you, it happens. Therefore, you need to choose an invest project in order to work with an affiliate program very carefully.

How to promote a cryptocurrency affiliate program

After choosing an affiliate program, you need to start working – to direct traffic to your link. You can get traffic for free or for a fee. For this, the following advertising methods are used:

  • On social networks – creating your own thematic pages, posting comments and posts on public pages and the wall of bloggers, targeted advertising, using pre-rolls;
  • At thematic forums – publication of articles and posts, banner advertising;
  • In e-mail, push and personal newsletters – relevant offers;
  • In advertising networks – teaser and contextual advertising, Popanders (banners on the whole page that do not close without a transition), Clickanders (transitions from toolbars or sites), video tools (over-rolls, in-display).

Before choosing an advertising tool, it is necessary to analyze the composition and interests of potential customers in order to determine what resources they most often visit.

Having decided to earn cryptocurrency on affiliate programs, you should use several offers. This will allow you to find a good bunch along which it will be possible to distill large volumes of traffic. You also need to conduct regular traffic analysis. In the absence of conversions, you need to change approaches, tools, settings or the affiliate program itself.

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