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The ADXXX affiliate program is an ad network for adult content. The project specializes in the field of ‘natural’ and banner advertising. The cost of traffic depends on its geography, but not lower than the market. They offer to earn money by placing widgets with advertising of adult content on their website.

 ADXXX Benefits

– Convenient payouts;
– Round-the-clock support of a personal manager;
– Buying traffic from any country;
– Adaptation of advertising content for geo-targeting;
– Statistics are available for analysis in real time;
– Traffic is auctioned and given to the advertiser who has offered the highest price.

After adding the site and confirming the status of the owner, the webmaster will be asked to install widgets for which users earn income for viewing.

How to start earning

After registration, you need to go to the ‘Sites’ section and click the ‘Add Site’ button. In the form that appears, you need to fill in the data to confirm the status of the site owner:
Typically, a site check takes 3-12 hours on business days.
After you can add widgets to your site. It is necessary to discuss with the manager the possible places of their placements, since independently changing these places is further prohibited by the rules.
Banners in the block of teasers cannot be less than 2 and more than 6 pieces. The code for calling ads cannot be changed, as well as hiding banners from visitors. Regarding other advertising on your page – there are no strict restrictions, the affiliate program allows you to additionally post any advertising content.

The Dashboard tab displays the graph of impressions from all sites, daily and half-month statistics on income, average price for 1000 impressions, clicks, and their percentage. All revenues are taken into account, except for those brought by referrals.

More detailed statistics can be seen in the ‘Statistics’ section – here the data can be sorted by sites, widgets, type of advertising (native or banner), days, income and impressions.

Referral income statistics and their list can be seen in the ‘Referrals’ section. To attract users to the project, the administration provides only an affiliate link.
You can configure payments in the corresponding section, here you can change the password for entry.

If you need help, you can contact the consultants through the Support tab by sending an instant message or by contacting them in the messenger.

Why you should work with ADXXX

The affiliate program tries to provide the most favorable conditions for cooperation in the adult industry market.
If the webmaster is already working with another ad network, he can provide the personal manager with information about this. Often ADXXX offers higher pay than competitors. Accepted traffic from adult sites.
To get started, just place the affiliate code of the affiliate program on your website.
You can track the dynamics of visits and revenue, forming on the basis of this profit management strategy.

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