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The international adult traffic network began work in 2017. Sells and buys traffic without restrictions on devices and GEO, providing volumes of several million impressions per day.

There are no strict requirements to the topics and GEO accepted in the system of sites, but the main advertisers in this network work with UK, US, GB traffic from the adult category.

They work with customers individually and, if necessary, can create separate traffic streams with RedTube, xHumster, PornoHub.

Support all payment models:
– CPM, CPC for all users;
– CPI, CPL by personal agreement with trusted partners.

Basic CPM level: 0.2 $ – 0.5 $, but the real price depends on the GEO and the current bid at the RTB auction.
Advertisers are guaranteed quality control of each site and automatic filtering from fraud.

How to get started with BitterSweetAds

When registering for the service, please note that the site has two registration forms.
The first one opens after clicking on the ‘Sell Traffic’ and ‘Buy Traffic’ buttons on the main page of the site and, judging by the lack of answers, it does not work.

You need to register at:
Webmasters and advertisers in this service work in different personal accounts and register separately.
To buy traffic, you need to create a campaign in the ‘Advertiser’ LC in the ‘Campaigns’ section.

Technical settings in this case are performed in stages.

First, a campaign is created with the main parameters:
– name, landing page URL;
– payment model;
– filter by device;
– general and daily limits.

Immediately after creation, the campaign is not active, but allows the connection of banners.
The form for loading the banner is called from the table of detailed information that is opened after clicking on the icon in the ‘Actions’ field.


Top-ups and payments in BitterSweetAds are made only in USD (US dollar).
The minimum deposit for the advertiser is $ 100. The transfer is accepted from payment cards, PayPal, Paxum, as well as in cryptocurrencies (section ‘Billing’ in LC ‘Advertiser’).
The minimum payout limit for webmasters is only $ 15. Payment is made on request, through any of the following payment systems:

– PayPal;
– Payza;
– Payoneer;
– Paxum;
– Skrill;
– WebMoney;
– cryptocurrencies.

Registration of details is carried out in the ‘Purses’ section, registration of the request – in the ‘Billing’ section.

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