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ADSTEROID – ad network with clickunder and smartlink formats

The media platform began work in 2017. Buys and sells traffic on CPM, CPC and CPA models. Geographical coverage – the whole world.
Advertising is rotated using RTB algorithms and with the ability to automatically suspend flows when traffic is detected that does not meet the specified conditions.
Supported ad formats:

– redirect to smartlink;
– ClickUnder and PopUnder.

At the time of writing, Adsteroid is generating up to 7,000,000 views and 800 conversions daily.

Payments to webmasters participating in the affiliate program reach 90% of the advertiser’s advertising budget.
The average eCPM for traffic from America and Europe is $ 2.

Separately, we note several original solutions to improve the efficiency of spending the advertising budget:
– the ability to create advertising campaigns with payment for actual conversions;
– dynamic analysis subsystem ‘Autopravila’, with automatic stopping of flows if traffic does not generate the required conversion level;
– the ability to dynamically monitor conversion events both on the publisher side and on the advertiser side.

The system accepts sites on the following thematic verticals:

– finance (banking services, finance);
– Gambling;
– games;
– trading trading (Forex, binary options, Bitcoin trading, etc.);
– dating;
– Installs;
– Lotteries;
– Adult.

In addition, owners of extensions for browsers and software applications can connect to the affiliate program.

How to buy traffic in the service
Advertisers and webmasters in Adsteroid are registered separately.

We recommend starting work by registering a link to the landing page (section ‘Promotional Materials’).

Creation, configuration and further management of advertising campaigns is carried out in the section of the same name.
Each new campaign is checked, the current status of which is displayed in the main table of the section.
Setting up a campaign consists of the following steps:

– assigning a thematic category and connecting a link to the landing page;
– setting targeting parameters;
– determination of the budget;
– formation of a list of restrictions.

Please note that for the second type of advertising campaign (CPA Cost Per Action), deduction from the balance occurs for the actual conversion (if it was). At the same time, the cost of conversion can be determined both when setting up the campaign, and transferred dynamically in the post-back response.

As mentioned above, in Adsteroid it is possible to automatically stop individual streams that are part of an advertising campaign based on auto rules.
To take full advantage of this feature, you first need to configure tracking links to track conversion events (section ‘Tracking’).

Rules can be either simple, using only one condition, or complex, consisting of several expressions.
Any of 8 parameters can be used in expressions: eCPM, CTR, CR-1, CR-2, ‘CR-1 Value’, ‘CR-2 Value’, impressions, clicks.
Example No. 1: below is an illustration for a rule that will disconnect a stream if it has generated more than 3,000 clicks, but has not created any CR-1 level conversions.

Example No. 2: the following figure shows a rule that will turn off each stream that gave 15 CR-1 conversions and not a single CR-2 (for example, 15 registrations and not a single deposit).

How to start making money with the affiliate program

One of the advantages of Adsteroid is the simple and quick setup of affiliate codes.
We recommend starting work by adding a site.
Affiliate code is generated in the form of a stream, the creation of which begins from the ‘Platforms’ section.
Partnership code is assembled in the following sequence:

– selection of traffic selection schemes;
– determination of the thematic focus of the displayed advertising;
– selection of the type of devices on which advertising will be displayed.
Please note that several streams can be created for each site.
Direct code generation is performed after clicking on the ‘Affiliate link’ icon.


Adsteroid balance replenishment is made in US dollars, through the electronic payment system WebMoney. The form for issuing an account is located in the ‘Finance’ section, in the ‘Advertiser’ personal account.Withdrawal of affiliate income is done weekly, in an automatic mode.
There are two payment systems serving outgoing transactions:
– WebMoney (WMZ);
– PayPal.

Connection of a suitable payment method and registration of payment details is carried out in the profile settings, in the ‘Publisher’ personal account.

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