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AdSpyglass Affiliate Overview

AdSpyGlass advertising management service began work in 2014. Increases website profitability due to intellectual rotation of advertising offers from several networks. Focused on adult traffic. Currently integrated with 15 ad networks. It provides profit growth up to 200%. There is a free trial period – 30 days from the date of registration.

On the main page of the site there is an interactive calculator with which you can quickly assess the estimated level of increase in profitability.

Service services – paid, provided in the form of tariff packages that are tied not to terms, but to a specific volume of impressions. The first month is free!

The service works with three modes of advertising display:

– pop-up windows;
– banners;
– quick message (IM).

Compensation scheme – CPM (payment per thousand impressions).
Increasing the site’s profitability is achieved thanks to the following technology: the service monitors the offers of connected advertising networks, selects the most expensive positions and broadcasts all this to the sites of its customers (in the form of custom rotation). Thus, customers of the service receive a double benefit: a higher price per impression and guaranteed availability of advertising budgets by advertisers.

There is a one-level referral program, with the payment of 10% of the remuneration from the costs of attracted webmasters. The link and related banner ads can be picked up in the ‘Referral program’ section.

How to get started with the AdSpyGlass service

It is recommended to start work by connecting the accounts of advertising brokers (section ‘Ad Networks’). Everything is optional. Please note that in order to perform this operation, you must be registered in the corresponding advertising networks. But you can also perform quick registration using the ‘Register account and get discount’ buttons.

Next, the advertising display modes are configured. You can do this by applying the general Campaigns section template, or by creating so-called spots (settings blocks) for specific sites.

The creation of spots begins with the addition of sites on which advertising will be broadcast (section ‘Platforms’ – ‘Add Platfom’).

Clicking on the ‘Add Spot’ button will open the section for fine-tuning display modes, in which the frequency of display, thematic categories for advertising and the percentage of total traffic sent to ad networks to test the price of ads are set.

More detailed targeting is done when setting up a general campaign template (Campaigns section).

The final code is generated for a specific spot. The form for generating this code is opened by clicking on the ‘Get Code’ button.

The final code is generated for a specific spot. The form for generating this code is opened by clicking on the ‘Get Code’ button.

Package purchase

Payment for services is accepted in US dollars. The following options are available for making a payment:

– PayPal;
– Paxum;
– WebMoney;
– WireTransfer;
– ePayServices.


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