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Operating since 2009, the ADS-MMGP content network is an intermediary between the advertiser and the webmaster, focused exclusively on financial topics.

ADS-MMGP is engaged in the distribution of contextual advertising on thematic sites about finance, investment and business. This is done through teasers and contextual texts. In the future, it is also planned to use banners, mobile and native complaint.

The advertising network is notable for its simplicity and effectiveness. The first is answered by a convenient site with quick registration and an intuitive interface, the second is the project’s focus solely on interaction with advertisers and webmasters working in the field of finance. This approach makes advertising relevant to the needs of visitors to advertising platforms, which increases its efficiency by several orders of magnitude. In addition, the ADS-MMGP has rather stringent requirements for webmasters and their sites.

For the advertiser, contextual advertising in ADS-MMGP is one of the most effective tools for increasing the profitability of the advertised project, for the webmaster it is another way to capitalize on the popularity of its own portal.

Step-by-step instructions for working in the advertising network

To work in ADS-MMGP you must first register:

1. Open and click on the “Register” icon.

2. After moving to the context menu, choose who you are: advertiser or webmaster.
In the first case, just enter your email, name, phone, company name, password and click ‘Register’.
In the second – click ‘I am a webmaster’ and enter the address of your advertising platform, mail and password. Click ‘Add to System’.

3. Next, activate your account via the link sent by e-mail.
This completes the registration process. Now you need to set up an advertising campaign and fund your account.

4. Click ‘Login’ to authorize on the site and enter the login (email) with a password.

5. The “Cabinet” icon will appear at the top, click on it.

6. Move the cursor closer to the left of the screen,
So that the context menu appears.

7. Here you can:
• replenish the account in ‘Finance’;
• create an advertising project in the Campaign menu;
• view all events in the ‘Statistics’ menu;
• Change account settings in the ‘Profile’ menu.

In addition, the “Cabinet” has access to reference information and contacts for feedback from the personal manager from ADS-MMGP.

8. To set up an advertising project, go to the ‘Campaign’ section and click ‘Add Ad’.

9. Then enter the relevant data and click ‘Create an ad.’
For the webmaster, everything is done in much the same way, only in the context menu, instead of the “Campaign” section, there will be a section “My Sites”. There you can add and remove your advertising sites.

Rules for participation

Ads uploaded to this network are reflected on the resources of partners and on the MMGP.RU forum – attendance is about 500,000 people per month. The cost of each transition is debited from the advertiser’s account.

Advertising format

Contextual advertising, teaser advertising. In the near future, ADSMMGP is also preparing to offer the following formats: banners, mobile and native.

To summarize

As an advertising network, ADS-MMGP is excellent for advertisers and webmasters, because:
• she has 10 million impressions per day;
• there are about 400 advertising sites in the system, from which over 34 thousand clicks are made per month;
• there is protection against the wind up indicators;
• many years of experience indicates the “decency” of the site;
• The network provides a personal manager to help all customers.

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