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ADS.RED – Teaser ad network

The teaser network began its work in 2016. A group of programmers, with a background in advertising, managed to create a really good technology platform, which has powerful advertising selection algorithms and a breakthrough auction, which provides not only high profitability for owners of advertising platforms, but also high-quality and targeted traffic for advertisers. guarantees that the fastest on the market give out advertising codes, which guarantees instant display of advertising. Also, they successfully bypass AdBlock in an automatic mode, which allows to significantly increase revenue for platforms and allow advertisers to reach those users who have not seen ads for a long time due to ad blockers or built-in browser controls.

Beginning of work

Advertisers and webmasters work through a single office. Registration is simple and carried out in a couple of clicks. In your personal account, you can change your role at any time, from the advertiser to the webmaster and vice versa, which is very convenient. Despite the powerful ins and outs of the platform, managed to save a non-overloaded interface, which is simple and clear to work with.

Advertiser provides

  • Quality traffic. Developers closely monitor the quality of traffic, and managers will help set up an advertising campaign so that you can find targeted customers at a bargain price.
  • Fast moderation. Really fast moderation. Often, even a few minutes do not pass from creating a campaign to launching.
  • Detailed targeting. The audience analysis is carried out according to many parameters and very quickly determines which segment to target this or that advertising campaign. When creating and editing a campaign, you’ll get a detailed forecast for clicks and impressions.
  • The cost of traffic for advertisers is formed by the auction principle of 0.7 rubles per click up to 3.88 rubles. A good feature is the presence of dynamic information on the price range for the specified targeting parameters.

Among the categories of sites the following thematic categories are available:

  • Information products
  • News
  • Beauty and health (separately for men and women)
  • Music
  • Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Video
  • Other
  • Adult (18+)


Payments to webmasters account for more than 80% of advertising campaign budgets.
ECPM level for from 3.5 to 12 rubles.

Traffic is received through three advertising formats:

  • Banner
  • Teaser
  • Sticker (simulating a popup at the bottom of the screen).

The average network CTR is 0.61%.

Working with you can count on:

  • High income. The guys understand how important income is for site owners and therefore constantly modify the issuance algorithms and create the most profitable network.
  • Fast payouts. Payments are stable several times a day. If you need even faster, just write to your manager or support ticket and the payment will be sent to you instantly. They have no delays.
  • Ad formats collected many effective formats for various topics, and collected frequently used settings into the constructor. Need your own format? You can agree on the addition of this.

Referral program

Participation in the referral program is available to all, details in the ‘Finance’ section of your account. Attract site owners and advertisers and get 10% of their income for life.

Summarizing is striking in its ease of use and high usability. Working with it is simple and convenient, and a powerful technical arsenal allows you to buy high-quality and targeted traffic.

Of the technical advantages, it can be noted:

  • Built-in algorithms to bypass ad blockers.
  • Intelligent rotation of impressions and a breakthrough auction, providing high relevance between advertising and the site.
  • Ability to create a black-list for sites with inefficient traffic.
  • Full targeting (countries, OS, time, browsers, devices).

We have not yet tested how much quality traffic the teaser gives, but judging by the feedback from users, everyone remains satisfied and recommends to others, and this already says a lot.

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