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AdRoll. A detailed review of the best retargeting platform

AdRoll is a company that provides you with several opportunities to expand your business, so today we’ll take a look at the AdRoll review.

The main functionality behind AdRoll is with video ads, email, social networks and display ads. The goal is to increase your sales with this combination, convey information about your products and turn those users who came to your site. AdRoll also provides data that needs to be measured and to understand why some users can convert and some not.

In general, AdRoll puts your company in front of customers through the media, popular social networks, and more.

For example, you can advertise your site in People Magazine or ESPN. AdRoll can help you get there. You may also want to share some great articles or videos through Facebook or other social sites. Whatever your goals, AdRoll seems to have some incredible tools to expand your reach and engage people in your brand discussion.

AdRoll Review: Key Features and Services

The AdRoll feature set provides opportunities to attract more website visitors, turn these visitors into paid customers and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

AdRoll is a little unique, because it is not just software, but a full-fledged marketing service that will help you find the ideal customers and then sell them correctly.
To get started, let’s look at some of the services that AdRoll offers all of its customers.

  • Online customer support and full access to the online help center.
  • A dedicated adaptation team to help you understand the system.
  • An additional advertisement that checks you from time to time depending on your tariff plan.
  • Account management for all plans.
  • Strategic meetings with the AdRoll team – the frequency of meetings depends on your tariff plan.

Thus, you can certainly count on a lot of practical support and account management when you go with AdRoll. However, there are also many built-in functions to help you manage your own marketing plans and automate the process. Let’s take a look:

  • A dynamic ad designer that ensures that all of your marketing is well optimized.
  • A system that allows you to target your ideal potential customers on Facebook.
  • Tools for analyzing customer behavior.
  • Tools to adapt your messages to all potential customers.
  • A great ad management platform for creating marketing campaigns using email, social ads, videos, and more.
  • Distribution to some of the most widely read and popular publishing platforms such as Google, CNN, Instagram and Facebook.
  • A wide range of integrations with e-commerce platforms and third-party applications such as Shopify,
  • Magento and MailChimp.
  • Multichannel marketing features so your customers don’t get confused with many of your messages.
  • Intelligent information in one dashboard so you can see which of your marketing channels work best.
  • Personalization options to show your customers the most relevant products, not casual products for all customers.
  • Retargeting solutions so that when you visit your website, users can receive ads on other platforms such as Facebook.
  • Understanding the customer’s middle path to make sure that you know exactly how to profit from each of your customers.

AdRoll fees based on ‘advertising costs’, or how much money you spend per month on ads that are broadcast. So, in fact, you are participating in an advertising network and campaign that will immediately help your business. Then you get a wide range of additional tools and features that AdRoll includes in packages for you.

Note. These advertising costs are not the fixed cost that AdRoll forces you to pay. Instead, it all depends on how involved your company is with things like advertising and email. This is similar to pay-per-click ads, meaning you don’t spend money if the ads are ineffective.

Here’s what you get with your monthly ad costs from AdRoll:

  • Spend up to $ 1,000 per month on advertising – you get online and help from a support center to set up your account and throughout the life of your account. You also get access to the free ad twice a year, along with dynamic advertising, presented as a self-service tool.
  • Spend up to $ 5,000 per month on advertising – Get an online help center and dedicated support. You also get a free ad four times a year, a self-service tool for dynamic advertising, account management and quarterly strategy meetings.
  • Spend up to $ 10,000 per month on advertising – Get everything online and a help center support. You also get limited strategies and technical sessions, a monthly ad, an individual designer for your ads, account management, monthly strategy meetings and limited strategic reporting.
  • Spend over $ 10,000 per month on advertising – Get access to first-class support from AdRoll. You also get limited strategies and technical sessions, a permanent ad, a custom designer for advertising, a strategic account team, two-week strategy meetings, full reporting, a dedicated performance optimization team and full API support.

AdRoll: interface

As we mentioned in some previous sections, AdRoll divides its platform into three sections. At the same time, all your tools are stored in one easy-to-use panel. These tools include options for creating advertisements, retargeting, and measuring the marketing impact of these advertisements.

In general, I would say that almost anyone can understand the AdRoll interface. You do not need to be an experienced marketer or web designer to create your advertisements and retargeting campaigns. And, of course, this is the point of AdRoll.

I feel the AdRoll panel’s Insights area is a good example of how it looks clean and modern. For example, the following screenshot shows the conversion paths for a group of clients based on retargeting methods. As you can see, the control panel is quite intuitive and breaks down the average order value, conversions and other information for several retargeting methods used.

You can also look at things like attribution. This applies to conversion sources with percentages based on sources such as email retargeting and Facebook. Overall, it seems very easy to navigate the dashboard and move from things like multi-channel marketing to an ad design module.

Customer support

Customer support is another thing to consider when looking for an advertising platform such as AdRoll. To get started, you can find the chat box on the AdRoll website to resolve any current sales or technical issues. The company also has a page with resources, customer stories, and a blog.

The developer API page is designed to expand your interface and integrate with third-party systems. The main method of online customer support is through the help center. Here you can find a wide range of videos and articles on topics such as advertising, reporting, and integration.

AdRoll has offices around the world, from Sydney to Chicago and from Salt Lake City to Dublin. You can contact sales and customer support by email. As soon as you become a customer, telephone lines will open and you will even get excellent support for registration, technical support and development assistance. Just take a look at the tariff plans and see what kind of personal support you will receive by spending a certain amount of money on advertising.


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