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() Description service began work in 2014. Offers a tool to increase eCPM on the pages of sites with ad units.

According to statistics, more than 20% of US and European traffic comes from browsers with plugins that block ads. The script from the service replaces the blocked module with its own ad unit, for which impressions are awarded.

Using the services of the service is framed as an affiliate program: the webmaster installs a small block of code and receives income from ad impressions in the browsers of users who use blockers.

The eCPM level for such ‘restored’ impressions depends on many factors (traffic geography, seasonality, etc.), but on average it is in the range of 0.2-0.8 $ per thousand impressions.

If a site visitor has not activated ad blocking mode, the script from does not manifest itself in any way – a regular ad unit is displayed.

It is important to consider that additional impressions are possible only in cases when users have installed web-plugins from the following developers:
– AdBlock;
– AdBlockPlus;
– Crystal.

Locks created by additional software are not processed.

There are two restrictions on accepted sites:
– attendance (requires at least 10,000 unique visitors per month);
– and the presence of active ad units.

How to start making money with the affiliate program
You should start working with the AdRecover service by adding and checking the site, since the monetization mode will be activated only after the check is completed.
Going to the Add Wizard is done by clicking on the ‘Add New Site’ button.

First, a link to the new site is added:
At the second stage, affiliate code is generated, which must be set in the head tag area on pages with advertising.
After clicking on the ‘Verify’ button, statistics are collected, based on which a decision will be made about accepting the site into the system. This check may take from 4 hours to a day.
The current scan status is displayed in the ‘Dashboard’ section.
After the moderation is completed, the monetization mode is automatically activated, statistics for which is available in the following sections:
– ‘Monetize’, which contains information about the number of impressions, clicks, CPC and partner revenue;
– ‘Measure’ (pie chart showing the distribution between the main and ‘restored’ types of traffic).


Affiliate deductions in AdRecover are fixed in USD.
Withdrawal is available once a month (Net30), upon request and provided that the withdrawal amount exceeds $ 50.
There are two payment methods:
– PayPal;
– Wire Transfer.
Please note that when using Wire Transfer, the commission for one payment is $ 26.
Registration of payment details is carried out in the ‘Payments’ section and involves checking the entered data.
At the stage of choosing a payment method, it is possible to change the minimum amount up (click on the link ‘Edit my payment threshold’).

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