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AdOperator: advertising push platform for buying pay-per-click traffic

AdOperator is a pay-per-click advertising push notification network. Own base has more than 100 million subscribers, and external feeds are also available – partner databases. According to arbitrators, the traffic is well filtered, filtering out the sites of unscrupulous publishers, thereby allowing the output to receive high-quality, non-working traffic.

For fans of working with push subscriptions, there is the opportunity not only to buy traffic, but also to sell as a webmaster. We recommend talking with the manager about rates and split traffic profitability. As they said earlier, the grid does not welcome nomads who go from grid to grid, signing the same audience, but if you have good traffic, then AdOperator is open to cooperation. We register and go to your personal account.

The network interface is in English, but everything is clear on an intuitive level. By the way, when registering, a personal manager is assigned to you – definitely a plus for beginners, and those who want to immediately understand the current volumes and competitive rates for GEOs of interest.

Regarding traffic, the largest GEO in the network (the volume is shown in impressions / day: Asia – Vietnam (40 million), Taiwan (4.5 million), Thailand (30 million), Europe – Spain (1.6 million), Italy ( 18 million), Germany (20 million).

All data is available when creating an advertising campaign, which, in fact, we move on to.

We create a new campaign, select Push traffic (in the near future, the network is preparing to launch the Native format). The format of the ads is classic – headline (30 characters) and message text (45 characters), icon (192×192), main picture (400×300). Macros such as {city} are also available on the network – substitutes the user’s city, {country} – country, {date} – date, {day_of_week} – day of the week, {day_of_month} – number and others (in total about 20 variables).

We prescribe tracking macros – subid, source, feed, all that is needed and move on.

Next, go to the targeting setting: specify the country, browser, operating system. We set the budget, bid and click limit from one IP.

There are also “advanced” settings: the choice of cities (if these are any investment offers such as crypts / binaries – we can work in large cities, as residents usually have more money), time for pushing, upload IP List – buying operator traffic (extremely Important for swipstakes and mobile subscriptions, you can ask at Wapclick affiliate programs).

We set up the postback transfer in the tracker and get the opportunity to automatically filter out sites whose conversion is more expensive than we can afford, and work only with those that give a positive ROI.

If you have a problem with setting up a postback or a “smart” bid – write to the manager, support during work hours is always in touch and answers fairly quickly.

Save. After that, the advertising campaign is sent for moderation – verification will take from several minutes to an hour.

Balance replenishment

The minimum amount for replenishment is $ 50, the ad network works with Visa / Mastercard, Epayments, Paypal, Paxum, Wire. Payments are credited automatically almost immediately.

AdOperator also has a referral system: for each referred user, a person receives 10 percent of the commission for his advertising costs. If you have friends, colleagues who pour on good volumes and are looking for traffic – you can have a good bonus.


The personal manager is almost always in touch, if we had questions, they answered promptly. I’m glad that you don’t need to run through live chat and explain the problem to the new manager every time how often this happens.


Pushcars as a format are developing in 2019 – traffic volumes continue to increase in grids, improved functionality, advanced traffic optimization capabilities are added, and new advertising networks are entering the market. An example is AdOperator. The grid is friendly to new partners: a small threshold of entry – $ 50, a good amount of traffic, a personal manager and our own developments – automatic optimization by bid, city targeting and other things that were mentioned above. If you are looking for a new source of traffic, we recommend testing.

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