ADNOW – native advertising service for social networks

() Native Ad Network Reviews is a service that provides services to promote your brand through native advertising on social networks and personal sites of bloggers. The network was created in 2016. You can advertise your products using text ads, banners, a mixed format, when text and a picture are displayed in one window.

How does Adnow work

The administration of the resource offers its services to advertisers and webmasters. The latter can monetize their traffic with native ads.

My account has been translated into English, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Polish, Czech, Chinese, French, one of the dialects of the Indonesian language. You can work with users from 107 countries, there is a Russian-language support service. Traffic from Russia is accepted, but there are practically no advertisers willing to buy it. If you are engaged in foreign traffic, it is recommended to choose an English interface and contact a personal manager in your native language. The exchange returns up to 50% of your traffic, this happens due to the established banner. Promotional materials are placed inside the post, selected by keywords in the test. Adnow code can be installed with other promotional materials.

You can withdraw funds using a bank transfer or to an electronic account of a PayPal dollar wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 20. Conclusion on request or automatically once a week. Hold for the first payment – 7 days, regardless of the accumulated amount.

For advertisers

55% of users click on ads, viewing depth is 3 pages, traffic comes from 107 countries. According to the statistics of the exchange, 65% of women and 35% of men view ads, 60% of users use desktop devices, 40% mobile gadgets. It is best to post your promotional materials in the news and fashion section, most of the views are in the UK, USA and Turkey. The advertising network functions can be integrated into any DSP using the open protocol supporting the RTB format; there is a possibility of integration using API, JavaScript, XML.

How to advertise on Adnow

To place native advertising, you need a banner of 200 by 200 pixels, a heading of up to 40 characters and a description of the product or service – a maximum of 140 characters. The average CTR for the system is 1%, all ads are checked by administrators for compliance with the rules and laws of the states in which they are displayed. Wait until the moderation is over, after about a day you can get statistics on the CTR of the added ad, find out the number of views and the cost of the click.

To reduce the price of the transition, in the targeting settings specify the age, gender, platform (mobile, desktop), the country where your target audience lives.

Referral program

Earn money by inviting new project participants. You will receive 5% of the earnings of attracted webmasters. The referral link is located in the ‘Profile’ section.

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