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AdMachine DSP – Ad Network with Many Formats

The American ad network began work in 2016. It works with three types of advertising: banner, teaser and pop-under.
GEO coverage – the whole world.
Advertising payment schemes – CPC, CPM. The average CPM for users in publisher mode is $ 1.5 – $ 2.
In addition to the standard functions of the advertising network, it provides its users with the opportunity to create their own advertising networks.

Registration in the service is free. In this case, a new user account is created as an administrator.

Further, three operating modes are possible:
1. As a partner who advertises on their sites (CPM, CPC).
2. As an advertiser, buying out banner, teaser or pop-under traffic.
3. As an administrator, creating and managing subaccounts of advertisers and partners.

The benefit of the latter option is that you can earn revenue from reselling traffic. The service service consists in providing a technical base for the management, control and financial support of the generated traffic flows.
The task of the administrator when working on the 3rd option is to search and connect new advertisers.
Work on the 1st option occurs according to the basic algorithm of the advertising network – the partner (webmaster) installs an advertising code on his website and receives royalties for clicks when working on the CPC model (or views, if CPM).

How to get started with

To illustrate methods of working with the service, consider two basic options for cooperation:
– as an advertiser;
– and as a partner (webmaster).

Creation of advertising campaigns takes place in the ‘Campaigns’ section.
First, the type of traffic to be purchased is selected.
After that, the creatives are downloaded and the advertising campaign is set up.
Tracking statistics is possible through Pixel, Image and PostBack.

To fine-tune the targeting available:
– choice of GEO;
– Connection of White and Black sheets.

Created campaigns are managed through the Campaigns section table (you can pause or delete any campaign).
Work as a partner (site owner) begins in the ‘Sites’ section with the operation of adding a site.
Please note that you must first create a ‘publisher’ account.
Next, the type of advertising installed on the site is selected.

Payouts and balance replenishment

All financial transactions at are in US dollars.

Payment to partners (webmasters) is made once every two weeks, provided that the amount on the balance exceeds $ 10. The application for payment is made out in the ‘Invoices’ section.

For the output, 4 EPS are used:
– WebMoney (WMZ);
– PayPal;
– Bank Transfer.

The transition to the form for selecting EPS and entering payment details is carried out from the ‘Users’ section, by clicking on the publisher user name. The payment data section is located at the bottom of the profile page.
The advertiser’s balance is refilled in the “Add Funds” section.
Registration of the advertiser’s payment details begins with verification of the address and payment data.

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