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Adhub – ad network

AdHub is a network of web resources interested in buying and selling traffic through advertising. Placement of advertising materials in the format of teasers and Clickunder is paid according to the CPC model. As sites, Russian-language sites with built-in statistics are accepted, according to which the attendance is at least 500 unique users, 60% of which should be from Russia.

AdHub is suitable for promoting products, services and content of any thematic focus. The network allows ads ‘for adults’, but the webmaster has the opportunity to prohibit it when adding a site. For those who are focused on attracting mobile traffic, there is a choice of the type of devices, platforms and carriers in the targeting settings. My account does not imply the simultaneous work of an advertiser and a webmaster. If you have two accounts, you can transfer earned funds to your own campaigns.

To attract the target audience, targeting by region, time and subject is also configured. Effective budget allocation is carried out using daily and general restrictions on the number of clicks and expenses. You can set a conversion price for each topic, given the specified minimum bid. To bring the design of ad units in line with the appearance of the site, there is a special Configurator. All participants are provided with detailed statistics in real time. Based on its data, it is possible to compile “black” and “white” lists of sites and filter out sources of ads that are not profitable.

 Key Features

  • Campaign Formats: Teaser or Clickunder
  • Redemption of mobile traffic is possible
  • The thematic category of the site is determined by the moderator
  • Filter ads on the site at a minimum cost-per-click
  • Referral program with a rate of 10% of the income or expenses of the invited participant
  • Daily payouts for VIP webmasters


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