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ADCASH – monetization of sites, videos and mobile applications

ADCASH is a large international advertising network (the company employs about 200 people in 18 countries) to earn money on a website of any subject, as well as on a video portal or mobile application. They offer a huge number of the most popular ad formats today that allow you to monetize both web traffic and mobile traffic. Use your own engine to display the most relevant ads. There are ways to protect against Adblock ad blockers.

Advertisers are offered several options for paying for advertising: for CPC clicks, for CPM impressions, for watching videos. There are detailed targeting settings: GEO, browsers, OS, audience interests, keywords, retargeting.

The platform has 3 main types of traffic: Desktop, Mobile Web and In-app.

For Desktop, you can create Web Campaign, User Interest Campaign, or In-stream Video Campaign.

For Mobile Web: Mobile Web, User Interest, or In-stream Video Campaign.

For In-app: In-app Campaign, User Interest Campaign, or Video Campaign.

Web (Desktop), Mobile Web and In-app campaigns are the most popular in Adcash, as they have the most traffic.

I would also like to draw your attention to the User Interest campaign – this targeting will only allow you to show ads to users who have previously expressed interest in a specific topic similar to your offer.

For example, if you advertise a game offer when a user who is interested in games visits a site (the theme of the site does not matter), he will see your advertisement.

Adcash determines the interests of the user when he searches for information on the Internet using cookies. When the data is received, the user receives a note on the presence of interest in a particular area.

This tool can help you create as narrow a targeting as possible. Thus, you can reduce your costs and increase profits.

If you have chosen the In-stream Video format, your advertisement will be displayed in the video player of the site. Advertising will be shown before, during, or after the main video.

This format can be great for those who advertise video offers.

Campaign Creation

The platform is quite convenient and intuitive, so creating a new campaign is very easy and fast.

Product URL and Event Tracking
First you need a ready link to your offer.

Below you can find all the macros available in Adcash, for tracking the necessary parameters.

You can use three tracking methods: global postback URL (S2S), Campaign HTML pixel, and Hybrid HTML pixel.

To create a tracking code, open “EVENT TRACKING” and select “CREATE PIXEL”.

Then select the options that interest you.

For CPA offers, the most optimal solution, in my opinion, is the Global Postback URL (S2S) as “Tracking method” and “Event type” set to “Action.”

After you click on “create event”, your tracking code will be ready.In the “advertiser” parameter, you can see your advertiser ID.

Other settings

In the first window, pay attention to the “Event tracking” option.Here, it’s best to select “Selected events” and then tick off the actions you want to track.

Next, you can see a large number of ad formats available in Adcash, including both banners and pop-ups (Site-under Mobile).

Next, pay attention to advanced targeting settings.

Here you can select OS, Browsers, Zones, Connection Type and Internet Service Provider (ISP).
ISP is not the most convenient format for choosing an operator, since in some cases it is difficult to understand which ISPs belong to which operator and what you need to choose to get the desired traffic.
In cases where you are at a loss what to choose, use Google or contact Adcash support and they will help you.

Payout and budget

Here you can set your bid, capping and budget model. Adcash has two models for buying traffic – CPM and CPC.

Below you will see the “best bid” – this is the bid that Adcash considers the best for your targeting.

We advise you to start with this bid, as the platform works with a fixed bid where you do not know your position.
However, most likely with such a bid you will not receive a significant part of the traffic. In this case, you should increase the bid until you see that you are getting enough traffic.
After you configure everything on this page, you can proceed to download banners.

Track Campaign Statistics

Adcash provides fairly detailed statistics.
You can choose from several options for displaying statistics:

  • Statistics of the day, with the total number of views, conversions, eCPM, etc.
  • Detailed statistics in which you can see data by category, format and zone
  • Request that a report with statistics be sent to your mail.

When checking zones, you can immediately click on the icon near each zone and instantly

Additional Info About Adcash

In general, Adcash is a good traffic exchange with a fairly convenient and pleasant interface, but not without its drawbacks:

  • A small amount of mobile traffic in many countries.
  • Problems that may arise with determining the right ISP.
  • Adcash lacks some of the most common mainstream banner formats, such as 320×450 and 320×480.
  • Fairly high initial deposit. The minimum fee to start working with Adcash is $ 1000 for a manager-driven platform and $ 100 for a platform that you can manage yourself.

It’s also worth mentioning that Adcash is pretty strict on your landing pages.
They can easily decline your campaigns for some minor reason.
To solve this problem, write in support and, if necessary, send them a screenshot of your land.
The advantages of this exchange include excellent and responsive support. For each of our letters, we always quickly received an answer and the problem was solved.

Payouts and Top-up

  • Minimum deposit: $ 1000 for a platform managed through a manager and $ 100 for a platform that you can manage yourself
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Skrill, Bank Transfer, Payoneer, WebMoney

To summarize, I would like to note that Adcash is an exchange with excellent traffic with its drawbacks. If you have enough budget to start working in the online field, Adcash is a good option for buying traffic.


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