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Adamoads review, reviews, how to make money ad network was founded in 2013. Specializes in adult and gambling traffic. Geographical coverage – the whole world.
Payment schemes – CPM and CPC.
For both advertisers and partners, tariffs depend not only on the type of advertising, but also on the area of ​​its placement on the site or in the application.
The cost of traffic for an advertiser is determined by the auction principle (RTB) and depends on several factors (from 0.026 Euro for LQ category traffic and from 0.03 Euro for HQ category traffic).

Earning partners at Adamoads is 80% of the company’s revenue.
In the ‘Default Rates’ section of the partner’s account there is a table of actual values ​​of CPC and CPM with a distribution by country.

Supported ad formats depend on the type of ad space. For sites, this is:
– banner;
– text block;
– redirect;
– pop-up.

There is a 5% referral program. The link and related statistics are in the ‘Referral’ section.

How to buy traffic in Adamoads

To purchase traffic in Adamoads you must register as an advertiser.
The fastest way to buy large volumes of traffic is to use the ‘Ad Store’ section.
The standard setting of advertising campaigns is performed in the ‘New Campaign’ section.
The process of setting up the RK consists of three stages:
– definition of basic settings;

– targeting settings;
– choice of campaign type, payment scheme, daily budget and price range.
Campaigns are managed in the Campaigns section.

How to start making money with the Adamoads affiliate program

To start working with Adamoads, you must register as a ‘Publisher’ as a partner.
You should start work with the ‘Ad Spots’ section, by connecting and verifying the advertising platform.

During the connection of the site are indicated:
– language localization;
– thematic category.
The transition to the verification form is carried out from the main table of the section.
Validation is performed by installing a special meta tag in the HTML code of the site’s index page.

To generate affiliate code, you must first create an advertising area (‘Create Ad Spot’).
Clicking on the name of the advertising area (in the main table of the ‘Ad Spots’ section) will open a page with an affiliate code and general statistics for this area.


To deposit funds to the advertiser’s account, you must use the ‘Finance’ section in the advertiser’s account.

There are three ways to complete a transaction:
– through PayPal;
– Paxum;
– WireTransfer.

The minimum deposit amount is 100 Euro.
Please note that this network is connected to the service, with which you can replenish the advertiser’s balance with a 10% bonus (‘pay 100 – get 110’).
To withdraw affiliate rewards, the same payment systems are used.
Determination of the method of payment and registration of the necessary details are carried out in the ‘Profile’ section of the partner’s account (publisher).
The minimum amount limit is 100 Euros, with the possibility of a change in the big way.
Payment is automatic and the payment schedule is determined by the user (Net-7 or Net-20).


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