Ad Network for Earnings: Kimiagroup

() Ad Network Overview marketing group was founded in 2010. Combines 5 services that work with traffic and mobile applications.
The list of company services includes several areas:
– redemption and sale of traffic of all kinds, both according to the Self Serve scheme, and through managed accounts;
– monetization of mobile applications using their own SDK and Marketplace;
– optimization of advertising campaigns for the largest sources of traffic;
– development and promotion of mobile applications.
Together, provides over 50 billion impressions per month with geographic reach over 200 countries.

Each of the projects included in the group is implemented as a separate service with its own rules and an original interface.
Agency ‘Tidart’ (site offers programmatic and expert optimization of advertising campaigns, which provides a significant increase in ROI with the same advertising budgets.

Automatic (Self Serve) Armorads platform ( website) repurchases and sells mobile traffic with high-quality anti-fraud protection.

The Cactus Road service ( website) offers several ways to monetize mobile applications, including its own Marketplace with a large number of subscribers.

The software company ‘Tarkin Studios’ (website accepts orders for the development and promotion of information mobile applications.

With a successful application concept, Tarkin Studios can become an investor in a project for its further development.

The Bidsmind direct traffic collection group ( website) works only with direct advertisers and provides the best monetization conditions for sites with more than 150,000 visitors per month.

Separately, we note the ‘Armorads’ service, in which you can purchase mobile CPM traffic with virtually no GEO restrictions.

As already mentioned above, the service promises a thorough cleaning of markups, while offering a fairly low cost of impressions (average minimum CPM \u003d $ 0.05).

Themed coverage of Armorads covers all the popular verticals of mobile affifliate marketing.

How to buy traffic in Armorads

To get access to the main tools, in Armorads you need to fill out a user profile.
Campaigns are created in the ‘Inventory’ section, but we recommend starting work by familiarizing yourself with the capabilities of the ‘Minimum CPM’ tool.

This tool allows you not only to navigate the current rates of the RTB auction, but also to choose the profitable GEOs by indicating the desired CPM range.

Creating a campaign takes place in two stages:
– determination of the name, budget and total time interval;
– Fine-tuning targeting and connecting creatives.

To open the configuration form of the second stage, click on the ‘New Ad’ button.
This form consists of the following sections:
– basic parameters (minimum bid, type of redirection, link to the landing page, etc.);
– Segmentation by GEO and mobile operators (note that without the choice of OSS complete the setup does not work);
– filter settings by device type;
– connection of ‘white’ and ‘black’ lists (lists must be created in advance using the ‘Black & White lists’ tool);
– loading the banner.

The campaign is further managed through the table in the Inventory section.
To activate a submenu with actions, click on the line of a specific campaign.


The payment policy of the services ‘Tidart’, ‘The Cactus Road’, ‘Tarkin Studios’, ‘Bidsmind’ is negotiated separately after registration.
Affiliate deductions and replenishment of the advertiser’s balance in “Armorads” are made in US dollars through e-wallets in PayPal, Paxum, and also through direct bank transfer via Wire Transfer.

When depositing money into the advertiser’s account, the amount of one payment cannot be less than $ 50.
Payments of affiliate deductions to ‘Armorads’ are made once a month, according to the schedule Net30. The minimum amount limit in this case is $ 100.

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