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Mellow ads – is an advertising platform where you can place your advertisements in the form of banners.
There is the possibility of advertising on the site. No investment.
How is this possible, you ask? Maybe!
The Mellow ads service has a Bitcoin faucet (Faucet), with which you can get 5000, 10000 or 100000 satoshi once a day to the balance of the service.
It is with these funds that we will organize our first advertising campaign.

Even 5,000 satoshi, which are guaranteed to be earned on the Bitcoin crane of the Mellow ads service, will last for 5 days of an advertising campaign with a minimum tariff.

Registration in the Mellowads service

When registering, indicate a valid e-mail, because in the future you will need to confirm the registration.
You will also need an e-mail when you withdraw Bitcoin from the Mellow ads service.

Next, you need to confirm the registration. Go to your e-mail specified during registration, open a letter from Mellowads and follow the link in the letter.
Registration is confirmed! Now you can enter the site and start working with the Mellow ads site.

Bitcoin faucet Mellowads

Before launching our first advertising campaign, we must earn money to launch it.

Go to the Bitcoin tap page. We solve the captcha. We take our bitcoins.

Now we have funds for our advertising campaign. There is no pattern in how many bitcoins you get, 5000, 10000 and 100000 satoshi equally come across. Bitcoins from the Mellow ads tap can be earned once every 24 hours, do not miss this opportunity.

The satoshi that you get from the crane cannot be withdrawn; you can only spend them on advertising.

We create an advertising campaign

First of all, we must decide what we will advertise and promote. To understand what will be effectively promoted in a given advertising space, we must first of all see this very advertising space.
There are a lot of sites to host!
They can be found in the NETWORK tab.
But the most interesting thing is that you don’t have to choose a place and a site yourself,
Do it all for you!

As you can see, the advertising space is mostly on Bitcoin taps and resources dedicated to making Bitcoin, investments, investment-oriented games and similar projects.

The target audience of such resources is people who are engaged in making money on the Internet, therefore thematic advertising will be more in demand than advertising on distant topics.

Required from us: Indicate the advertised site!
Go to the Advertise tab, then click Create new advert.

How to choose the right category?

  • NSFW e.g. Nudity, pornography, profanity etc. (Porn, nudity and the like.)
  • Gambling e.g. Casinos, online betting etc. (Casinos, online betting, betting and the like.)
  • Drugs e.g. Illegal / prohibited substances etc. (Drugs, prohibited substances and the like.)
  • Investment e.g. HYIPs, ponzi schemes, cloud mining etc. (Hypa’s investments, financial pyramids, cloud mining, etc.)

So, we created our first advertisement on the Mellow ads advertising platform, but the campaign cannot be launched in this form, since our advertisement has an unpresentable appearance and is unlikely to cause a desire to click on it and go to the site.

Editing your ad

To edit our text banner, click Edit text ad style.
At the top, we are given labels of color schemes that we can use to change the background color of the banner, the background color of the banner on hover, the color of the border of the banner, the color of the header, the color of the advertising message, and the color of the link.

When the color changes, you will immediately see the result on the banner. Which is undoubtedly very convenient for customization.

If you are too smart with colors and settings, you can always reset to default settings by clicking Reset to default style.

Next, you need to load the graphic banners that we previously downloaded from the site we are advertising.

Click on Add banner, in the pop-up window, select the banner that you want to load.
Please note that the Mellow ads ad platform does not support all banner sizes.

So we created an advertisement, edited the text, title, colors, loaded banners.
It remains to make sure that we did everything right before sending our advertisement for verification.

If everything suits us and we are ready to launch an advertising campaign, we go down a little lower and click on: And the ad is sent for review. On average, an ad check in Mellow ads takes about an hour.


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