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ActiveRevenue began operations in 2012. Sells and buys traffic using CPM and CPC payment models. Daily Volumes: Over 300,000,000 Impressions and Over 100,000 Clicks.

The main difference from similar networks: advertisers can create and use their own creatives (as in targeted advertising).

Payment of partner participation is about 80% of the company’s income.
Thematic composition of the advertising network is universal.
Geographical coverage – the whole world.

The final cost is generated in Real Timing Building (RTB) mode by auction principle.

Advertisers and webmasters have 5 ad formats available:
– Push Notifications;
– Banner / Display;
– Native Ads;
– ZeroClick / Redirect;
– pop-under

A number of additional features have been created for traffic buyers:
– targeting by browser type, operating system, device type, mobile operator, GEO;
– the ability to display by contextual matching (according to the list of keywords);
– the ability to set the minimum bid value for each GEO.

How to get started with ActiveRevenue

The process of buying traffic in ActiveRevenue is an example of creating a banner advertising campaign (‘Native Ads’).

The RC Setup Wizard launches in the ‘Campaigns’ section.

During the first stage of the settings, the following parameters will be determined:
– start mode (immediately or during the specified period);
– total and daily budgets;
– protection against automatic clicks (section ‘Campaign Limits’).

Please note that the cost of CPC is determined at two levels: general (‘Default CPC’) and, if necessary, for each country when setting up GEO targeting.

The next step is targeting. This section includes several parameter blocks:
– GEO targeting (with CPC adjustment);
– schedule of impressions;
– Setting filters by browser type and operating system;
– Definition of special targeting parameters for traffic from mobile devices (type of connection, mobile operator);
– selection of the type of ad network (RON or contextual display according to the list of keys).

Compilation of White-Black sheets and filters by IP-range is carried out at the 4th stage.
Setup is completed by creating an ad unit through which traffic will be taken on publisher’s sites.
In this example, this is a banner consisting of a fixed-format image and a link for receiving traffic.
Note that several creatives can be created within one campaign.
Please note that you can add tracking parameters to the destination link. A complete list of placeholders for these parameters is indicated in the banner creation form.

A list of all created campaigns is in the main table of the ‘Campaigns’ section.


Balance replenishment in ActiveRevenue is carried out in the ‘Add Funds’ section, using any of the four available methods:
– PayPal;
– bank cards (Mastercard, Visa);
– WebMoney (WMZ);
– coupons.

The minimum deposit in all cases is $ 100.

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