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Alibabacoin (ABBC) is a cryptocurrency business approach. He describes his new technology as optimized for finance, distribution, shopping, and security using blockchain technology.

We create a service and an application that integrates freely into the trading space of the Internet and allows all entrepreneurs to make transactions with each other remotely. We believe that this is our social mission, since today millions of people do not have access to international markets and financial services.

The company has built the platform as a security system for secure funds, improved with the help of secret innovations in the blockchain algorithm, which makes it compatible with other advanced technologies, including hashing and face recognition.


The ABBC platform will allow users to send and receive funds, make online purchases using their own ABBC wallet, exchange ABBC currency at a favorable rate, as well as trade and manage funds.

ABBC ecosystem

  • Education
    To make technology understandable to any user, we develop educational multimedia resources. An innovative platform allows you to educate any person in trading, currency exchange, cryptocurrency concepts, financial analysis, asset management and many other topics.
  • Society
    Our system allows you to scale and share, mine and develop in a wide range of capabilities. The cost of our solution and the demand for currency will grow as new users are added to our P2P network. We will achieve the so-called “network effect” due to the ease of use of our application and integration into the network. Given the fact that our network is focused on entrepreneurs, we plan to achieve a serious capitalization of our currency.
  • Representative Offices
    The project has already attracted a large number of representatives and agencies around the world. Sales through ICOs and agencies will be carried out simultaneously. Registration of agencies is carried out on the official web page.
  • Payments
    Our payment system is a unique solution. It allows you to easily and quickly exchange funds, is available from anywhere in the world, guarantees the receipt of funds as profitably and on time as possible. We create a service and an application that integrates freely into any trading platform on the Internet and allows all entrepreneurs to conduct transactions with each other remotely. We believe that this is our social mission, because today millions of people do not have access to international markets and financial services.
  • Stock exchange
    Our payment solution (application) allows users to easily integrate into our P2P business network, and also provides the conversion of any other cryptocurrencies through our internal P2P crypto exchange. Instant exchange of various cryptocurrencies is available on the platform: ABBC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Qtum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. For this, a special account will be automatically created for each participant of our p2p connection for the settlement operation. Due to the network effect and the large number of daily operations, the risk of cryptocurrency volatility is minimized.
  •  Trading and investing
    Our network involves participating in the role of a trader or financial broker. Having these user roles helps the functioning of the P2P network, providing liquidity and assistance to entrepreneurs. To expand our participation in the network, we have developed training courses for traders and brokers. For example, traders can combine individual trading offers and manage the offer, and entrepreneurs can solve financing problems. Own multi-currency wallet provides a complete infrastructure for trade and investment. Your funds are provided with the best security methods.
  • Global payment opportunity
    The ABBC platform allows you to pay for purchases and make settlements in cryptocurrency as part of a simplified payment structure. For this, users of our application need access to the Internet.
  • Social Contribution and Charity
    Our team supports a charity fund to support low-income families, a fund to fight hunger and provides medical care. We engage philanthropists in our P2P network. The protocol provides for a fee for each operation to accumulate them in a special Social decentralized crypto fund. Any participant can take part in charity activities and receive funds from this Fund. For example, to provide nutrition to those in need. The ABBC Foundation is located in Belarus and Dubai, provides charity assistance to those in need, holds various events and attracts partners.
  • Shopping with ABBC Currency
    Infrastructure with a large database of the modern online market is developed and prepared. There are no geographic restrictions; You can buy in any online store connected to the platform. We know what people want and how to provide it to them. Our trading platform is designed to allow any user to create an online store that will successfully use the most advanced technologies in the field of electronic commerce, including the option of paying for goods with cryptocurrencies and ABBC. Due to the integration with our network of P2P online stores, we expect the creation of a real global trading platform with various roles and connections.

ABBC Storage Wallets

ABBC wallets are easy to use, free, mobile, safe and convenient. A convenient mobile wallet for Android and iOS is available for users, with which users can sell, buy and make online purchases through a secure face recognition system. Algorithm X13 protects against hacking. The wallet allows you to recognize faces, providing a storage function for several cryptocurrencies, and confirms transactions through the trading of cryptocurrencies with a pin code, connecting to the online store and payment functions.

ABBC Project Team

The ABBC Coin cryptocurrency represents members of its team that help spread and develop the company’s initiatives. Thanks to the confident leadership and training of its members in technology development initiatives, the company believes that it can benefit many of its investors and customers. In addition to strong team members, ABBC also has various dealers and agencies around the world. They play an important role in the dissemination of ABBC and help the company achieve its financial development goal.

Founder and CEO – Jason Daniel Paul Philip 8+ years of experience as a developer, technical entrepreneur and highly qualified programmer with experience in blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO development.

Chief Technology Officer – Umer Abbas An experienced C # developer with over 12 years of experience in the field of code development with a consistently high standard. He is committed to further improving web development skills, and his extensive knowledge helps to find practical solutions that are used with maximum efficiency.

Lead Developer – Umer Farooq More than 2 years of experience in a team of 30 people. Experience with advanced technologies and frameworks from 3 years. Experience with leading developers with over 3 years of experience in Angular, PHP, Javascript, and also as a web application developer.

IOS Lead Developer – Jene Claude Open source application developer, Steem developer, SBD (Steem Dollar), 3+ years of experience working in Swift and Objective-C, 6 years of experience in developing web interfaces (Php, JS), 6 years of experience in graphic design (AI , Photoshop).

ABBC Coin is a sellable coin that claims to belong to a large ecosystem, including finance, social status, face recognition, and retail use cases. The project collaborates with small exchanges that are considered low liquid and relatively risky, and the activity extends to several trading floors.

ABBC completed the sale of its token about a year ago, but did not make a profit after the initial offer of coins (ICO). The combination of the sale of tokens with subsequent extraction also raises doubts about the future project. The ICO’s selling price was around 0.0002 BTC, while the asset is now trading at 0.0001 BTC.

The main goal of ABBC is to launch face recognition purchases, as well as plans for its mass distribution at the end of the first quarter of 2019. However, while the project is mainly looking for self-promotion and gives out gifts.


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