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 Overview Ab-Chain – A New Ecosystem for Promoting Advertising Content

The advertising field in the network today occupies one of the most promising positions for investment. And the Ab-Chain platform was created in order to provide users with a new standard in the international advertising network with high-quality content. The project was developed on blockchain technology, which allows not only to popularize the use of digital currency, but also to ensure high reliability and security in the network.

The Ab-Chain platform has been created for all companies with the prospect of launching an ICO project or a crowdfunding campaign. But it is also suitable for those organizations that have already attracted investments for further work. By working with the presented platform, companies can avoid the risks associated with converting digital currency into fiat money. Ten top digital currencies and the Ab-Chain system token are available for use.

What are the advantages of the Ab-Chain system

  • The presence of more than a hundred high-quality sites with cryptocurrency content;
  • Convenient payment methods available to all users;
  • The presence of active arrangements that make it possible to promote content to the standards of more than 100 million impressions every day;

What problems does the Ab-Chain platform solve

Today, many resources on the network, despite the high popularity of cryptocurrencies, do not accept it as a means of payment. Traditional types of advertising work are still leading. But it is expected that next year many companies that will work in the network will be financed through the ICO. And this is not strange, because in the period of recent years, the popularity of such projects has increased significantly. Thus, new companies will have their budgets in cryptocurrency and the market will have to adapt to them in order to meet new standards.

But the problem will not only be how to optimize market conditions. Since this is not so easy and fast, companies with resources in digital currency will have to convert it to fiat in order to participate in advertising campaigns along with the rest. At this stage, the first market imperfections will appear. The first one is the low liquidity of the cryptocurrency market. Because of this, converting a digital currency is often unprofitable, as this will lose most of its value.

The next issue that needs to be addressed is the fees that can be charged when converting currencies, even at the local level. That is, local authorities can set a certain amount of fees for currency conversion.

In this case, the purpose of the Ab-Chain platform is to solve possible problems of companies that have arisen as a result of ICO. That is, with the help of the platform, they will be able to access a large-scale advertising network in which it will be possible to purchase online advertising using any convenient digital currency and Ab-Chain system tokens.

Optimized work for all participants in the advertising market

Due to the presence of a widely developed system of contracts with leading webmasters and the ability to effectively promote content, users will be able to buy any amount of advertising and be sure that it will be successful. In addition to its own resources, which, as already mentioned, there are more than a hundred on the platform, there is the possibility of connecting third-party resources. At the same time, for the purchase of online advertising, webmasters will accept digital currency, which will effectively contribute to its popularization.

Thus, all network participants will not be left without benefits. As for, for example, webmasters, they will have an affordable opportunity to accept digital currency as a means of payment for advertising content. To maximize the optimization of this process, an individual wallet for each webmaster is provided. It will work automatically, that is, the cryptocurrency will immediately go to the wallet balance, from where it can then be withdrawn even in fiat.

For advertisers, there will be wide opportunities for choosing webmasters who are ready to offer them the most effective content promotion. At the same time, the need to convert digital currency to fiat disappears, respectively, the commission costs for conversion disappear.

As you already understood, the advertising network system will work in a way that will be convenient for each user. That is, the digital currency will be automatically converted to fiat, and the content itself will be effectively promoted by many advertisers.

 Ab-Chain Tokensale Terms

As part of the development of the project, three stages of attracting investments were provided. The first stage of pre-sales was held on October 1. It was successful and about 400 thousand dollars were raised within its framework. After that, the company began to receive requests from investors, as a result of which it was decided to open a new stage called Privat Offering. As part of this phase, special conditions were prepared for investors. And the last stage is the main stage of the crowdsale. During this stage, the maximum threshold for the collection of investments, which is $ 5 million, is provided. Investors will be able to receive tokens after two weeks after the end of the main stage of sales.

If you are interested in joining the development of the project today, then you have a chance to get 35 bonus percent. Taking part in the ICO of the presented project, you can not worry about the safety of all its processes and the reliability of saving your funds. At a minimum, it is worth noting that the project fund is located in Escrow. Each user’s e-wallet will be protected by a double signature, which excludes the possibility of hacking or any other fraudulent activities. The company is currently undergoing legal registration in Hong Kong.

Ab-Chain Token Assignments

After the completion of the ICO project, it is expected that the Ab-Chain token will be released on the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. According to forecasts, its growth in three years will be 21 519%. That is why this type of investment is truly productive and promising.

In order to become an investor, you do not need to go through any long registration processes. Creating a special wallet is also not necessary. You can use your usual wallet, because system tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain. For convenient and optimized work, developers recommend using the official Ethereum Ethereum Wallet wallet.

Funds raised as a result of three stages of the project development will be allocated for its further development and research. In addition, 40% of the funds were allocated for marketing needs. In particular, the opening of company offices in Europe, Asia and Africa.


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