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What other details about 8 bit ltd do

Today our blog decided to devote its time and pay attention to the 8 bit ltd project. The first thing that catches your eye is the unusual design of the 8bit.ltd website. It seems that you get into an 8-bit old game, remember these? But this resource is not limited. Interesting and attractive tariff plans, affiliate program and features unique to this platform – you can earn good money.

So, before us is a highly profitable project. But at the same time, he did not overwhelm the Internet with aggressive advertising and even modestly kept a low profile in the status of a semi-partisan. Therefore, there are not so many reviews of 8bit ltd on the network. But the comments that can be found are positive. This is understandable, because the site is not a beginner, it makes payments clearly, has no debts to its customers.

In addition, in their reviews of 8 bit ltd, users note the following:

  • Smooth start and the same gradual development;
  • A small amount to start is $ 30;
  • Daily bonuses that can be collected in a telegram bot;
  • Change in the marketing program – now instead of one tariff plan 5 is offered;
  • A huge selection of payment systems, up to Perfect Money and Payeer;
  • Bonus program for storing funds on the balance of the deposit;
  • The ability to earn without investments thanks to the referral system and much more.

Users also note cons in their reviews of 8 bit ltd. In principle, the flaws are minor, for example, the lack of a Russian-language version of the site and the inability to replenish the account using bank cards. But such moments are fixable, if the project continues to go smoothly, the cons can easily turn into pros. As for referral, the level is only one.

According to information from the official website, the start of the project was preceded by a long and painstaking work. A team of researchers, traders, investors with practical experience in the financial markets of 15 years and more began to study blockchain technology, the specifics of cryptocurrency transactions and mining back in 2010. The basis for the future site https 8bit ltd was the extraction of promising cryptocurrencies and earnings using digital assets.

Research has led the development team to develop an unprecedented mining formula based on the same calculation algorithm as 8-bit arcade video games.

Thus, several aspects are highlighted:

  1. Now you can mine cryptocurrency using 8-bit console technology.
  2. Mining performance increased by almost 32 times compared to traditional methods.
  3. Developed and improved trading robots equipped with artificial intelligence. Bots gain access to a database with a history of currency fluctuations over the past 30 years. They analyze all popular directions of currency exchange and any changes in price, which allows you to make forecasts with an accuracy of 85%.
  4. There was an opportunity to mine bitcoins and other types of cryptocurrencies with lower costs and greater efficiency.

The developers of 8bit.ltd assure that there are two ways to improve performance:

  1. Increase the amount of equipment within the specified computing farm, and then hire assistants for 8-bit technology;
  2. Use 8-bit technology along with software that cycles the production process, subsequently increasing production productivity by 8-32 times.

It is clear that the second method is more efficient and technologically advantageous. Initially, the developers of 8bit.ltd created a computing farm with 1000 eight-bit consoles equipped with user-defined software to increase productivity, which allowed them to rightfully present all the advantages of their project.

8bit.ltd is the brainchild of the international company Pixel Softworks Engineering Ltd. The project has already opened three branches – in the British Virgin Islands, United Arab Emirates and Seychelles. The official website contains registration documents.

The site is unusual, but the navigation is simple and affordable, there is nothing supernatural even for a novice user. Before you begin, you can use the online calculator to calculate potential profits. There is a complete instruction on how to make money in autopilot mode. No special knowledge is required for this.

Support is available, you can choose different ways of communication. There is an online chat for communication with an assistant and a ticket system for answering questions.

Of particular note is the convenient synchronization of the account in 8bit.ltd with the Telegram channel.

Technical features of 8bit.ltd

  • The script is unique
  • Domain – NameCheap, Inc., until 2027-02-16
  • SSL Certificate – DigiCert SHA2 Extended Validation Server CA DigiCert Inc, valid: 19 Jun 2018 – 18 Jun 2020
  • DDOS secured

Fundamental features of 8 bit ltd

  • Launch Date: 10/13/2018
  • Language versions of the site: English
  • Payment systems: PerfectMoney, Payeer (USD, EUR), BTC, LTC, ETN, XRP, DOGE, USDT and other coins, 43 types in total
  • Currency Conversion: None

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Tariff plans 8bit.ltd – choose, invest, get profit

Until recently, the 8bit.ltd marketing program was very, very modest. We were offered one tariff plan with a deposit of $ 20 to $ 1,000 for 30 days, a yield of 0.5% per day. It turned out 15% per circle per month with a deposit back at the end of the term.

Since August 29, 2019, offers for investors have changed dramatically. Now 8bit.ltd provides already 5 tariff plans with different conditions.

All tariff plans are united by one condition – interest is accrued every day. The profit is dynamic, that is, in each subsequent month it grows, starting from 0.2% per day in the first 30 days, and up to 0.6% per day – in the 13th month. Regardless of the amount of the contribution, earnings are displayed in instant mode. 4 hours after the investment, interest immediately goes to the payment system from which the money entered the account. And the body of the deposit is withdrawn on the day when it returns to the balance within a few minutes.

How to get free coins in 8 bit ltd

Now we can talk about the bonus system. Every 8bit.ltd customer is eligible for a DOGE bonus. Its size depends on the user’s active deposit and the current bonus level of the user.

To get bonus points, you first need to integrate your account in the project with the Telegram bot.

The bonus system works as follows:

  • Every 24 hours, the 8bit.ltd client submits a request to the Telegram bot by clicking the ‘Claim Bonus’ button in the daily bonuses section;
  • The first time you connect to Doge faucet, the project provides a welcome bonus: 30 DOGE for a user with an active deposit and 10 without it;
  • Faucet system consists of 10 levels, and upon reaching the next user receives an additional one-time reward;
  • During a daily visit, the client can claim a permanent bonus L1 (10 DOGE for a user with an active deposit and 1 – without a deposit);
  • Receiving a bonus every day is rewarded by crediting additional progressive points for reaching a certain milestone (L2 – L10);
  • When you visit the Telegram bot for many days in a row, bonus points are awarded for every 10th day.

If the user misses one or several days and does not claim to be rewarded, his accumulative bonus for daily visits to the bot is reset and returns to L1. However, all the coins that he has already collected remain on his balance sheet.

 Minimum amounts for withdrawal of funds:

  • Perfect Money – $ 1 / € 1
  • Payeer – $ 1 / € 1
  • Bitcoin – 0.0005 BTC
  • Bitcoin Cash – 0.0007 BCH
  • Litecoin – 0.007 LTC
  • Ethereum – 0.003 ETH
  • Ripple – 3 XRP and so on.

For each type of cryptocurrency, its limitations in the amount to be concluded. More precisely, you can find out in the personal account of your account.

Blog vkoshelek took part in the 8bit.ltd project with a contribution amount of 0.05 BTC.

Referral program – additional income from 8bit ltd

Until recently, an affiliate program offered to earn 3% of the amount of referrals’ contributions. But apparently, due to the increase in the number of tariff plans, the developers decided to make the affiliate program a little more modest and there are some nuances here too.

The amount of affiliate reward in 8bit.ltd depends on which tariff plan the referral has chosen.
Thus, profit is accrued, according to the marketing program, namely:

  • TRIAL BETA 1M – 1%

Charges are made from a deposit made from an external payment processor and the balance of the investor’s account in the same electronic currency, which was used by the referral to deposit to the account.

The base affiliate commission is 1% per month. That is, if your referral makes a deposit for a 1-month package, you get 1% of the amount of his deposit, and if for a 24-month, then 24% of the affiliate commission and so on. Here is an example: Your referral made a deposit of $ 1000 by choosing the package PROGRESSIVE BETA 24M. You will immediately receive a reward of $ 10. Then, over the next 23 months, you will continue to receive $ 10 every 30 days. The total amount of affiliate reward will be $ 240, which will result in 24% of the amount of its deposit.

Developers continue to improve the 8bit.ltd affiliate program. The plans to create such a system so that the size of the reward also depends on the rank of the current user (the number of XP). In addition to the base commission, the user rank index will be taken into account.

Registration on 8bit.ltd, replenishment and withdrawal of funds

So, after weighing all the pros and cons, you have decided to invest in the project. On the site https 8bit ltd, you can start registration using the ‘Create an Account in 1 click!’ At the top of the homepage or ‘Express Registration’.

In the registration form, indicate the email address and your nickname, agree to the terms, click ‘Register Now’.

Immediately we receive a welcome bonus of 100 XP. Next, a form will open in which the automatically assigned password and PIN code are indicated. Here you can immediately start replenishing your account or go through to see options in My Account 8bit ltd.

Let’s say we decided to invest right away. We select a tariff plan. In the Enter Amount line indicate the amount of the deposit. Then click on the checkmark below the Select Payment Method line to select your payment system, and at the end click on ‘Deposit Now’.

A little lower on the page, click Full Summary and the DEPOSIT button.

In a new window, we can copy the address of the bitcoin wallet or the data of another payment system (everything is given for half an hour for everything) and then we make a standard transfer.

To withdraw earned money, on the main page of your personal account, click the ‘Click to request withdrawal’ button.

In your account you can track your operations, check the calculation of interest on profits and bonus points. All information on the activity of your referrals, settings and news is also available here.

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