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7Search review

The 7search ad network began work in 1999. The system’s affiliate program offers monetization of mobile and web sites on CPC, CPI, CPM and CPV models. The base of keywords is in English, but there are no language restrictions on the accepted sites. At the same time, with competitive keys, the bid price can reach $ 5 and higher.

The originality of the 7search system is that it is an add-on for search services. Therefore, the affiliate program consists of two, almost independent subsystems: ad units in the form of search queries and traditional CPA ad formats.

All available formats of affiliate promotional materials can be seen on the main page of your personal account PP, hover over the appropriate name.

In particular, the following features are available:

– 7Search Display Network- separate software for working in CPI, CPM, CPV mode. Generates four types of ad units.

– SearchAdRoll – block with key phrases, available in two formats (Box and Line);
– AccessoryAds – imitation Adsense;
– PayPerText Links – a simple text link;
– Private Label Search – a full-fledged search module embedded in the site.

The principle of operation of search advertising is as follows: in promoblocks, key phrases are displayed in direct entry, clicking on which opens the search page for this request. The results themselves are generated via the Bing search engine API (the figure shows a snapshot of the top of the search page that opens after clicking on an affiliate link).

The purpose of the conversion in the search units is to click on the link (PPC).

There is a 10% referral program. The link is located in the Advertiser Referral section and is accompanied by a set of promotional materials of various formats.

The duration of payments for one referral is 1 year.

How to start making money with the 7search affiliate program

To register, you will need a full set of personal data (name, surname, address, zip code, phone numbers, e-mail). It should be borne in mind that it is these data that will be used when processing payment checks, so they must be reliable.

In further actions, two algorithms can be distinguished: creating a search block for monetizing the site using the PPC model and working through the 7Search Display Network. Let’s consider each of them.

Creating a search ad unit is carried out in three stages:

1. The initial selection of key phrases and the choice of thematic categories.

2. The selection of exact keys with the ability to choose the cost of the bid.

3. The final visual setup and selection of the presentation form of the ad unit (Box or Line). Affiliate code is generated at this point.

After the preparation is completed, the table of advertising campaigns (section SearchAdRoll-manage) will take the following form:

After connecting the affiliate code to the site template, the monetization of its traffic can be considered started.
Please note that to fully activate a specific block, you need to ‘enable’ it by activating the corresponding checkbox.

To take advantage of the advanced features and implement conversion by CPM, CPI or CPV schemes, you must separately register in the 7Search Display Network subsystem. The process of creating an ad unit in this case consists of the following steps:

1. Adding site (s).

2. Entering information about the site.

3. Visual setting of the ad unit.

Connecting and activating affiliate code performs the same way as in the case of search advertising.


The system’s working currency is the American dollar. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 25. Schedule of payments – NET30 (next month, on the 15th day). The main scheme for paying income is a check, with forwarding according to the current rules of the American postal service. Wire Transfer can be used as an additional channel, but in this case the minimum amount for withdrawal will be $ 100.

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