5 stages of hype life


5 stages of hype life

Stage 1. The hype project starts and receives money from ignorant investors. The first participants replenish income at the expense of beginners. Pioneers usually get back invested funds, and even with interest (this fact is true, and also the mandatory principle of a successful pyramid). Inspired investors through word of mouth, without knowing it, voluntarily advertise the project.

Stage 2. Funds involved in the system can no longer cover payments to all participants. They are stopped or paid only to the elite. People who want to receive deposits back stumble upon persuasions to wait, explained by insignificant difficulties. This stage can last for months.

Stage 3. Investors, losing hope of returning the money, turn to the internal affairs bodies. Fraud cases are opened, investigations begin. Less months.
If the volumes of the investment pyramid are impressive, then the situation is spreading in the media and is rapidly exaggerated in the network.
It is not necessary that hype cease to exist during this period. The fact of instituting a criminal case does not mean that the entrepreneur is a criminal, but the organization is “leftist”.

Stage 4. When the investigation ends and the fact of the commission of the crime is recognized, the case is sent to the judiciary. The process there will also take months, especially if the hype has managed to take on impressive dimensions and collect a lot of “victims” of the project.

Stage 5. The court decides to punish the founders of the investment scheme.
According to the law of, before this stage is completed, one cannot call a thief publicly, otherwise your actions may be called slander and will be the reason for suing a lousy company. And the court in this case will side with the scammers.

Sometimes hype takes the form of transparent entrepreneurship. However, swindlers allow and miss – carry out activities without a license or registration. In such cases, they are easily noticeable. But, strangely enough, there are many systems for creating an investment pyramid, operating in absolute accordance with the law (until the founders of the hype merge with the money). But until this time, do not dare to call them thieves – you yourself will become a violator and a slanderer.

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