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3xpush.com – push subscription management service, monetization of CPV, CPA, CPV

3XPush is an ad network with which you can collect, sell or monetize your PUSH subscribers. It provides 3 payment models – CPV, CPC and CPA. More than 10 thousand users are registered in the system, the base covers over 33 million subscribers, and 55 million mailings are made per day.

3xpush allows the site owner and arbitrageur to collect subscriptions and monetize through:

  • CPM system advertising
  • Mailing your advertising to make money on sales
  • Third-party pay-per-click ads
  • Selling your subscriptions on the exchange

And the advertiser should place their advertisements in the format of PUSH alerts, with local mailing and pay-per-impression, or in pay-per-click affiliate networks, as well as buy subscriptions on the exchange for free newsletters to their subscribers.


In your personal account you can add sites and landing pages, if you added a site, then you are offered a choice of 4 code options for posting on the site:

  • HTTPS is a classic way to collect subscriptions for https sites, while in the code you can additionally specify the conditions for the time for the display of the subscription block, the output of the block covering the entire site and the text in this block
  • HTTP – an option for regular http sites with an intermediate block with a proposal to subscribe
  • Block Content – allows you to hide part of the content on the site through a subscription, including photos and videos
  • Redirect – the script allows you to send any selected link or block of links through a redirect with a subscription, where the user needs to subscribe to follow the link

Also, if you have your own subscriber base and an official site with information about collecting push subscriptions, it is possible to integrate by API so that you can send system ads to your base via an internal BID auction, you can discuss in more detail with support.


  • Several codes for collecting subscriptions from the site;
  • Landings / Redirect / Iframe links for arbitration;
  • The ability to create your own landing pages or create copies available in 1 click;
  • Statistics on many indicators for any newsletter;
  • Targeting by 13 criteria – regions, sites, languages, browsers, OS, devices, etc .;
  • The ability to connect other advertising feeds in order to monetize subscriptions by the CPC;
  • Configuring the distribution of PUSH notifications;
  • Buying and selling PUSH subscriptions on the exchange.


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