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1millioner is a new investment project offering to become a millionaire in just one day. To start earning, you need to go through registration, select a site and activate it. Start: June 20, 2018.

The official website is http://1millioner.com. The design of the project looks good: colorful images, user-friendly interface, interesting description of the project and additional information. Even there is a YouTube channel and the official public VKontakte. On YouTube, by the way, you can watch vivid video presentations about the project.

 Legend 1 millioner

According to legend, the 1 millioner project was created in order to unite people into a large mutual assistance structure, according to the principle you first help, then they help you. Actually, the mutual assistance cash desks work or, as they are also called, the classic financial pyramids.

At the same time, the website 1millioner.com touched on the topic of a dream come true: whether it was traveling to distant lands, buying a car that you had wanted for so long and a big house with comfortable conditions for the whole family. With such a description, the main thing is not to surrender to feelings, but to soberly assess the situation and understand that no one gives guarantees of high income and long-term work of the project.

Marketing Plan 1 millioner

Immediately after registration, in the 1millioner.com personal account, users are invited to make a contribution – to pay for one of the levels of the site in order to activate it. You activate the site at the curator who invited you. Next, the system puts three referrals for you and you receive 3 transfers of 100 rubles each, for this money the system automatically buys level 2 from your level 2 curator.

In general, then you can go to the third, fourth and fifth level. The income from your referrals will depend on the chosen site, because all sites have different allowable number of partners. You can familiarize yourself with the rates on the official website of the project in the “Marketing” section. There is only one payment system – Payeer. Payments are made automatically.

Reviews and conclusions about the project 1 millioner

The project is still fresh, judging by the statistics presented on the site, at the time of writing the review, 4853 participants had already registered in 1 millioner. There is not much information from real investors yet. But it is known that these administrators are far from the first for these administrators and the reviews about them are not the best.

In general, as you see, the promise to become a millionaire in one day is likely to remain a promise. You can participate in 1 millioner for those who have a large audience interested in such projects or those who have many friends who are ready to invest money.

We recommend that you carefully look at the site, weigh the pros and cons, consider the possible risks and only then make a decision to invest or not. And on this our review came to an end.

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