10 tips for a novice hype investor


“120% per day!”, “105% in 18 hours!”, “200% in two days!”, “Reliability, high profitability, instant withdrawal of funds!” – this is what attracts a novice investor. Projects, attractive offers, the ability to make money quickly … But how to act here correctly: invest all your savings in one project or little by little, but in each?

The following 10 tips will help you figure it out

1) The first and perhaps most important thing – calm down! Do not make contributions in a rush. Remember, you are a beginner who should learn a lot, learn. No hasty conclusions and contributions! A project for which you spend your last savings may come off tomorrow.

2) Become a good analyst – learn to analyze everything: how the project is made, how it is presented on the forum, how investors met it and how it is promoted by the admin on monitoring. Yes, it’s not easy. But, as they say, “It’s hard in learning – easy in battle!”

3) “Informed – armed” – this is the right approach to investing in HYIP. First, we figure out what to deal with, and only then we make investments. So and only so! Monitoring monitor-invest.net in the ‘Training Material’ section is at your service.

4) Lose everything! Humble yourself and do not be alarmed. Every failure is an invaluable experience that is worth more than any money. Your task is to learn how to minimize losses. Here the saying works: “Slow down, you will continue.” Set real goals. Start with minimal deposits, order a refback. You yourself will not notice how the amount in your wallet will increase significantly.

5) “Do not store all the eggs in one basket.” And if in our opinion – you should not invest everything in one project. Yes, sometimes a decent amount of investment can cover losses from several other projects. But here, first of all, we are guided by councils No. 2 and No. 3. Study, study and study again!

6) The choice of the tariff plan. Sometimes even the admin himself does not know when his project will come off. Therefore, always try to go to the most minimal plan (in most projects this is 24 hours). First of all, try to withdraw the body of the deposit, and then wind% on the rest. Refback monitoring is always to help!

7) Do not stay too long. HIYP will not pay forever. Even if the project pays on time and steadily, as soon as you get a profit, go to another project. Well, let there be other participants who continue to receive stable profits. Remember: ‘Fraer’s greed will destroy.’

8) Time. Everything needs to be paid attention to, and especially when it comes to money. When investing in projects, always choose a convenient time for yourself, make contributions to the project with an interval of 10-15 minutes, and also make sure that you can easily withdraw your savings the next day. If you are not sure that you can withdraw your contribution at the end of the next day, it is better to refrain from investing at all.

9) Weekend. Project administrators also need rest after workdays. Over the weekend, they grab the savings of their investors, and then disappear. Refrain from deposits on Friday-Saturday and Saturday-Sunday. As practice shows, these days it is better to relax, read the forums, take a look at new projects for the next working week.

10) Airbag. In a car accident, an airbag can save a life, and in a hype investment, it can be a collapse. This means the amount on your personal wallet, which can compensate for all losses.
Remember: learn from mistakes. Read, analyze, learn – and very soon dreams of a ‘tidy’ amount on a bank card will become a reality!


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